Girls are evil.

Discussion in 'General' started by EnjoiKush, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. 18 years old, still in high school, girls are fucking evil, I can't wait til I go to college.

    'Til then I'm just gonna kick back, smoke my weed, continue to wrestle, and live life.


    Flame me dgaf it's 6 am and I'm bored off my ass and pissed off.
  2. I agree with you completely.....
    just kidding im nice as fuck,, but some girls a fkn bitches
  3. all they want is your soul
  4. Haha college chicks are a hundred times worse. More skanky, more immature, more booze...
  5. I need to find one that i can just enjoy spending time with, and get high as fuck with, and not have to worry about being golddug.

  6. Yeah but they put out more so fuck it.
  7. humans are evil
  8. Chicks are evil.

    My fellow men, I notice a mistake tho.

    We sit here and discuss "girls".. And thats the problem. We need to find ourselves some Woman. Mature, and more Knowledable, in many way.

    We are Men and girls are for boys. We are Men and need our Women.
  9. I'm pretty toasted right now.... I have wrestling practice in 3 hours. Fuck.
  10. Well at least you have feeling up sweaty men to get your mind off girls.
  11. At least we're not of the Mantis family. After they fucked us they'd dehead us. Now that's what I call getting head....right.....right.... Anyone?

  12. haha some women may do that too.. ya never know..

  13. when i was 18 and in high school i thought boys were dicks. and ya know what they are. females are bitches. but when you put out the right energy you get the right kind back. not saying your a nice guy, just stop settling for the "girls" you know are no good for you. once you accept what you are gettin the universe will respond by giving you like wise energy. be specific of what you want. ask and you shall receive young grasshopper. Law Of Attraction dude.. look into it

  14. Well, thankfully that has never happened to me. I need my head... Both of them...

  15. better visit your local sex shop and pick up a pocket puss. they may not be able to get high with you, but they're always in the 'mood'

    Giggity! :ey:

  16. Honestly I have no idea. I've seen them in sex shops before, but never had the need to use one of them. I imagine you could do a search for it and there would be reviews and such. Obviously the more you pay the more realistic it is I guess. :eek:

  17. haha my ex used to have one. he enjoyed it.. he used it so much there was more than one hole lmao

  18. Okay you know I have to ask this...

    Why did he need a pocket puss if he was with you? :hello:

    Just curious...

  19. haha ok i said used to use one.. he had no need to use it when we were together. i put him to good use :p
  20. :poke: :poke:

    Oh okay. I just wanted to make sure. lol

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