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  1. 2-3 weeks ago this girl was all over me texting me like 3 times a day and calling me. I liked the attention when she was doing it, but she stopped texting and calling me as much this week. I asked her out to the movies the yesterday and she accepted. But does she still have feeling for me cuz she stopped texting/calling me. Now I have to text and call her, she always responds when i do though. For some reason when she stopped it made me want her more...i'm not sure why.
    What do u guys think? She still into me?
  2. She totally wants your cock.
  3. sounds like your really clingy. Give her some attention and show that you like her, but don't be all up in her business.
  4. This. Is. What. She. Wants.
  5. The poster above knows what's up. ;)
  6. saying anything is one thing, but sometimes you should just know, and obviously you have other puruits you should be focusing on
  7. I also believe that Stockwall is on the right track.
    However, she could just be waiting for you to call her first.
    I know that sometimes with my guy, especially when we first started seeing each other, I hated calling him, and tried not to text him so much because I didn't want to come off as clingy.
    If she's usually the one that initiates the calling/texting maybe you should give it a try once in a while. She's probably just having the same uncertainties as you.
  8. girls want guys chasing them.

    if she always resonds to your texts and not like 12 hours later or days later then she is probably still interested.

    if she doesn't respond to your texts or responds like days later with a short text then that would be bad.

  9. she used to be the one who initiated all the calling and texting for the 1st two weeks but then she stopped, so i gotta do it now. Last week on the phone she told me "i'm tired of chasing guys, your going to have to do the walking" and i was like wtf do u mean:confused: why couldn't she have just kept doing what she was doing, it was nice for me:cool:
  10. Sounds like she's testing you to see if you would still text/call her when she stopped.

    You fell right into her trap :devious:


    On the upside though... I'm pretty sure this means she likes you.

  11. really thanks that makes me feel better... cuz it feels like she stopped liking me cuz she stopped initiating texting/calling. I called her last nite and she talked for like 20 mins. I'm not sure how girls are able to to talk so much like that lol

  12. AHAHA hmm. I wouldn't know I don't talk on the phone... but yeah it sounds like she likes you... unless she just wanted a free movie out of you? But I doubt thats the case

  13. I hope thats not that case lol I have kissed her multiple times but I havent kissed her in over a week even though I have seen her multiple times since then(just haven't had the opportunity to give her a kiss)
  14. Are you the same dude that was a virgin and made that thread asking if this chick likes you, even though it was blatantly obvious? and she said something about teaching you to ride horses? if you are, yes, she wants your nuts and im surprised that you haven't given them to her yet.
  15. I was clingy mc dingle berry... that is what kills our chance. maybe you should just kill her. its fuckin wild how i find people with a practically identical situation to mine...

  16. yup thats me bro:smoke: where would we do that? she lives with her parents and I live with my parents. My overall problem is that I have a hard time understanding/picking up on signals, before I started smoking weed it was 10x harder then it is now lol

  17. I don't feel like I act clingy towards her though... especially around her
  18. Doesn't sound like she is particularly confusing... you just don't know how this certain situation generally works. You were putting no effort into talking to her (initiating txts/calling her) and she was. She might have felt like you didn't really want to talk to her but would if she talked to you. When that happens a girl will sometimes stop making any effort and leave it up to you to txt/call first... but the thing is I'm 99% sure that in your case and most cases that this happens they really WANT to talk to you but are just waiting for you to talk to them first.

    So... just txt her enough to where you aren't bugging her (you'll probably be able to tell if you are) but enough to where its obvious that you're interested in talking to her

  19. great advice...this shit is so confusing for me
    this makes me feel a lot better about the situation though:D

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