Girls and their g spot

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  1. For all the Bladies out there, i am in need of a concensus as to your opinion on your "special spot" ;)

    Ive taken it upon me to do research and find this illustrious spot only to wonder; How much pressure is enough when youre fingering her?

    Is it different for every girl?

    Is the "come here" position of my fingers an acceptable position or are there any secrets i should try?

    Any absolute "DO NOTS" ?

    Your help is greatly appreciated. :)
  2. if you gently push on her lower abdomen, (3-5 inches above her clit) it can help you hit the spot
  3. in my experience it ranges from girl to girl.
    some girls want the g spot slowly and lightly stroke, some want it fast with alot of pressure
    but thats just my experience
  4. This is my girl :rolleyes:. It gets kinda annoying cause sometimes I dont want to go fast and hard and I just want to take it easy but my girl is kinky 24/7 and likes it like a fucking hardcore porno. Guess I cant really comeplain tho :cool:
  5. iseewatchudidthere
  6. Didn't he ask for advice from females...?

    I can't really give much advice because I can't really explain it. I'm sorry.
  7. Hard and fast or slow and tender? ;)

  8. Well you'd have to ask my boyfriend. He does it just right.
  9. I don't have his contact information.
  10. G-Spot for the win!

    I had some toes curling earlier this week....

    For a super orgasm, use your finger to stimulate the g-spot and then lick/suck/twirl on her clit at the same time.

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