Girls and the workplace DO NOT mix (SRS)

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    I posted this on another forum and i just wanted to share it with you guys. it is very related to my other thread "" I described how i felt in that thread well, but this is just what i go through everyday in life that has made me come to this conclusion and influenced me to possess a very strong hatred for women.

    I'm not really a social guy and more to myself more than anyone else. This type of persona sticks out like a sore thumb so to say.

    At work, girls are obsessed with workplace drama and i do not get involved in that. Most of the time i just make my money and mind my own business and try to be polite, but at the same time not get stepped on. Many of these girls in the workplace have and have tried to step on me, and when i put my foot down, it wasn't pretty.

    They already had their cliques and cliquish ways. I was on my own. an unknown group of the girls made a "team" against me and spoke to the managers about me. They said that I was a BULLY to them (Me= big black guy that got his kindness taken advantage of and finally put his foot down vs. small "pretty" (& ugly) white girls who play some of the managers for suckers and suck their cock to get their way. i know how much perception can play a role in this.) They bad mouthed me and totally tarnished my reputation, and to top it off even had to throw something sexual in there claiming that i said some chick had a "nice rack" which was a complete lie because not only would i not say that while a girl is nearby at my WORKPLACE (im conscious of this stuff), but i wouldn't even say that to a guy. honestly, i would just stare at the girls tits and not say a word like i've been doing the whole time.

    Anyway, apparently i was supposed to be suspended (that was before they heard my side of the story), but i guess the manager saw the conviction in my eye and knows that i wouldn't do such a thing. I almost saw my job slip through my hands by the grace of a group of loudmouthing dumb bitches. It angered me, but i am nothing but even nicer than before and i know these bitches are mad that i am still here with a job.
  2. I feel sorry for you.
    Not only were you hurt/fucked around by those women, but by turning your back in anger you became their victim.
    You let a load of low life bitchy girls distort your whole view on women.
    Seriously, I hope you don't let them do this to you.
  3. Plant some meth on em and call the cops. Works for me
  4. It has already happened.
  5. OP must work in retail. ;)

    At my second oldest job, a lot of the women I worked with where young little whores who didn't know how to talk to you and always acted like you owed them something.

    I tried my hardest to stray away from them, all for the sake of peace and quiet; if you had enough of them together in the same spot, you'd always hear about how shit faced they got the other night, baby daddys getting arrested, some of them even bragged about getting beat by their husbands/bf's.

    I never felt so awkward.
  6. I work with 2003 other people. 3 hot chicks and 2000 dudes.

    And the chicks are only hot because they are surrounded by 2000 dudes.
    That's manufacturing for ya.
  7. no the job isn't retail, but yes they dribble and yap on and on and end up talking more than they work, at least at my job.
  8. hot based on availability.
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    I didn't read your OP but personally women and the workplace go very well for me just because I have way more swag when I'm at work for whatever reason and if I could find a job full of dime piece secretaries or models I'd be all set.
  10. Alright check me out OP

    the number 1 worst thing a person who has issues with woman can do is decide they hate/ dislike woman as a whole.
    this creates a variety of mental/social problems and honestly (not saying you ) thats how a lot of woman killers develop. its just not healthy to hate woman man. they are beautiful creatures, there are many fucked up people but to hate an entire gender only makes u more of a sick person. forgive and forget, and reach out to more woman dude. wish the best for u
  11. OP, just be glad that the manager recognised that you were the one telling the truth and that these girls are just shit-stirrers. If they come up with more lies, he's more likely to believe your side now, take something from that and don't let these bitches ruin your view of women.
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    edit- haha wow some people take things wayyyyy to seriously. yea im talkin about dude with the generic avy below me.
  13. ok then dude. so your failure as a man makes it women in generals fault?

    stop being a fag and get some pussy
    id murk u myself physco
  14. tell them they have ugly racks, but maybe you should give dudes a try if you hate women soo much
  15. lol u mad?

    im apathetic, but u mad.....really really mad.

    u couldn't murk the pokemon muk

    im not mentioning anything about racks.
  16. no not mad, disgusted. You are a failure, distorting the real issue and blaming women why dont u just be better at life, cause its you who has issues

  17. Right...because keeping to himself and being a good person while not buying into workplace drama makes him a failure.

    @OP: Good job on the job save my big black bro, didn't read much of the other posts but did the girls get a suspension of any kind?

    Fuck drama obsessed girls, they will be doomed to never do anything with their lives until they actually turn on their brains.

  18. after reading your thread about peeing the bed with your gf i agree with this dude :D
  19. im not talking his story, im talking his proclaimed "hatred" for women.

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