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Discussion in 'General' started by Addicted, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. Anyway, I come here to the City forums for advice of its knowledgable citizens. I trust your opinions more than mine cause I am working on a broken heart.. :(

    I met a girl, she is perfect in everyway! I quit smoking, growing, drinking, and all the other things she considered "bad" just for her. We have been going out for some time and things have began to get heavy and we have started to expirment ;). But yesterday she asked me if I really liked her for her personality, and not just for her looks. I tried to tell her I love her personality, humor, intrests, and her looks, too.(This is all true). Then she tells me she has a hard time trusting me, she says she knows she is nieve.. This broke my heart and left me very hurt and not knowing what to say. She said her trust side is telling her to stay away from me, but her nieve side says to go for it!

    I honestly have no idea what to say to her! I have fallen in love with her, but I do not know if she feels the same way. :(. I want to tell her, but I am afraid it will scare her, but not telling her seems to be doing the same thing!

    Well, there is my story.. please give me some advice to sweep her off her feet ;)
  2. Addicted,

    It sounds like you're really in love with this girl, so why not tell her how much she means to you? Tell her you love ALL of her, not just her looks. Tell her what you've given up in order to make her happy. Relationships require giving and taking, just remember that. You may also want to ask her why she doesn't trust you. Has something happened which would give her reason for doubt? Love is a tricky thing, but if you're truly in love with her, just speak from your heart. The rest will fall into place.

    If she says she still can't trust you, give her some space. There's no reason to bang your head against a brick wall if you're not going to get anywhere by doing so! But talk to her, tell her how you feel, and let her into you.... let her into your heart, into your mind, and things will work out! Keep us posted; I'll be rooting for you! Good luck!
  3. yeah man, just be honest with her. do what comes naturally with love, let her know how you feel. the next time a romantic idea or thought goes through your head act on it. you know her better than any of us, if you love her then you probably know what makes her happy.
  4. Thanks guys, so far the problem seems a bit better. I was completely honest with her and she was completely honest with me and admitted she has been hurt before and she has a VERY hard time trusting men in general.. odd, how she went this long without saying anything :(..

  5. im confused.. dont those cancel eachother out?
  6. i see the problem

    you changed who you were for someone else...

    i agree with samus.
  7. i say tell her.

    regret is a killer, and it fades far slower than anything else. guilt, jelousy, remorse, regret, love.... they all fade faster than regret. and regret aint a nice thing to deal with.

    i say tell her.

    you feel like your taking a risk saying it, but the way it stands, and the way i see it.... its rediculously stupid not to take that risk and not play the odds on this one because it seems like the relationship is already at risk. go for it. and i wish you both the best.
  8. I wouldn't go out with anyone who made me change like that, no matter how "perfect" I thought they were...

    I've learned my lesson.




  10. just the two of us?

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  14. honestly..... if this is the way you actually feel... then tell her... Love is one of those things that squashes everything else in your life... making youi feel like either the best ever or like nothing...... if you love her, and mean it...she'll know and that should be good enough....

    if i didn't udder those 3 lil words... i coulda been missing out on the best thing thats ever happened to me....:) but this thread isn't about me and how perfect my girl friend is...
    its about you.... and how you should be telling her how you feel... there's no reason to hold anyhing back.... cause if you let it go with out a shot... you'll feel even worse than you do now....

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