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  1. So i'ma try to make this short.  Here's a question for the ladies, and guys too.  Why would you give out your phone number to someone and not respond to that person?  I got this real cute girl's number a few days ago.  We seemed to hit it off pretty well had a fun conversation, joking around, bustin each other's balls.  I text her the next day and was like hey its so and so  shoot me a text we can chat more blah blah.  nothing.  So said ok  i waited a few more days and did the same today was basically just hey whats up.
    I mean, listen, i'm not stupid.  This aint my first rodeo.  I just dont understand WHY you'd give out your number, if you had no intentions of speaking with that person.  Is it that hard to just say no?  I'd rather be rejected right then and there, then get a girls number and actually think this might have potential ya know?
    Idk i'm butthurt, and i know it lol

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    the world may never know.
    but im leaning towards they're bitches who love attention so they will fuck with us for said attention until we move on and they find another guy to fuck with.
  3. Or maybe she didn't want to sound like a bitch or hurt your feelings so she froze up and gave you her number when you put her on the spot.

    Maybe she's busy. Maybe she's going through shit. Why don't you just be straight up and ask her..
  4. some girls have a hard time saying "no" .. or maybe she was a little tipsy.. who knows?
    but the next day she either changed her mind or maybe she's busy.
    whatever it happens all the time
  5. shes a coward. just grab your nuts and move on.
  6. this happened to me once i asked her same question and said why didn't you say no or giv me a fake number she said she didn't wanna be mean lol
  7. yea i dont have a problem with a girl saying no.  Never have.  But what i hate is a false sense of accomplishment.  If i get a girl's number i feel happy cause i'm like hey this girl likes me, lets see where it goes.  And turns out its just her feeling bad or not wanting to be mean or whatever.  And i dont wanna ask her.  I already have my answer so what's the point?   and this wasn't at a bar so no tipsy nothing.
  8. why are you waiting on a text when you can call nigga
  9. Bitches don't like bein called...
    Never text a girl more than once if she hasn't responded. Just makes you look clingy.

    I've had a girl give me a fake number before. Girl was probably a 6.5..
    Ended up being her friends number and we ended up hooking up. Funny thing was her friend was a solid 8.
    speak fo yoself
  11. Bitches be flakin'
  12. Eh forget about her dude. 
  13. Some girls just feel obligated when you put them on the spot, move on to the next one bro.
  14. This^

    And OP dot text her the first time contacting her on the phone, you call her.
    why is this so hard to understand
    Theres your problem. 
    "Hey its Paul shoot me a text we can chat more" lol really?
    You texted her asking her to text you so you can text more 
    You need to be more interesting than that especially if its texting. 
    OR she was being nice and has a bf 
  17. yes all the time. some hoes beg for my #. i throw em my phone nd tell em to stop bein annoyin. i fuk them and then nvr hit them up. 
  18. "Busting each others balls". Oh man I hate that phrase. Reminds me of marshalllllllllllllllllllll
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    Seriously though, it's much easier to gauge how interested a girl is over the phone than it is over text.
  20. It also shows you're a go getter..texting makes her think you're weak or are scared to call at least IMO. Along with texting instead of calling most guys also ask the girl if its ok if they can take them out like for example "if you're not busy and want to do something maybe we can go out and ____"

    IMO it's better to be more like "so this Friday you're going to ____ with me right?"

    Doesn't really seem like much of a difference between the two but there is.

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