Girlfriends wants to DT me

Discussion in 'General' started by happy101, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. My girlfriends wants to DT for marijuana I know its the wrong thing going behind her back but marijuana is something that I love doing and I wouldnt give it up. I told her I cut back and have not smoked in 2 weeks but the truth is I smoke a blunt last tuesday and only took about 10 hits and then time before that was friday. smoked twice early in the day then workout monday Thats the drug test she purchased I found it in her email so starting after I smoked on tuesday I started drinking plenty of water and peeing every 30 minutes to hour wednesday did the same with water and a bottle of green tea and workout put up a nice sweat where it was just pouring from everywhere on my body but today I didnt pee that much maybe like once in the morning and little amounts 3 times i drank 32 fl oz of cranberry and green tea tomorrow im taking a vitamin b pill with 128fl oz of water before the test should i be good im 6ft 3' 195lbs I really dont want her to leave me been together for too long and i dont want to leave weed not looking for relationship advice just the DT what other things can i do to make sure? put visine in the sample? I heard drinking pickle juice helps but that sounds crazy lol thanks GC
  2. Fuck her. Be yourself, do not be a little controlled bitch. Tell her to fuck off which will effectively have her wanting you more. Just like Seinfeld "You gotta have hand in the relationship"
  3. If you don't want her to leave you then you better quit smoking because she's going to find out someday and be even more pissed.

    Seriously, that's not a relationship. That's just a big lie-fest. :p

    As far as the DT... you might pass, you might not. No one here can tell you for sure.
  4. Sounds like a controlling bitch to me, get rid of her and find someone who doesnt have any problems with your smoking.
  5. Just for the record, drinking a bunch of water isn't going to get cannabinoids out of your system any faster
  6. Wow. You are pussy whipped. Softy! It's not even that your smoking behind her back, IT'S THAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY LETTING THE LITTLE BITCH DRUG TEST YOU. Man... you my friend are a prime example of men becoming the real women in today's day and age.
    man that happy101...
    *shakes head in dissapointment*

    Go to your local drug store and buy a detox pill. It should work pretty damn well. Plus, she obviously wont be able to tell you diluted your piss so drink A TON OF WATER. Plus, when you pee, pee first into the toilet then midstream piss into the cup or w/e, then end your piss in the toilet. no joke, i read somewhere that the begning and end of your piss is the most potent part.

  7. No, but it dilutes your pee.
  8. Haha I like how everyone ignored that part.
  9. Both of you are treating each other pretty badly. She has no right to drug test you, but you shouldn't have lied about smoking in the first place. Why are you even together? It doesn't sound like you have a lot of respect for each other at all.
  10. we're trying to warn him because if this happens she'll do this shit all the time. We don't want a fellow stoner to get hurt.
  11. Look, i dont even know this cat but I'll tell you why. She's probably pretty hot and he wants to keep her desperately. Because she's hot she says and does whatever she wants and he does not have the balls to stand up for himself. She walks all over him. Sets rules. Keeps tabs. So instead of losing the chick over an argument about weed he simply decides to hide the fact he smokes. But his gf knows no boundaries because he is too afraid to set any up, and now she wants to drugtest him.

    My one girlfriend once made me decide between BJ's or her. If I wanted to stay with her she would never give me a BJ again. I said I'll take my BJ's thank you JUST BECAUSE OF THE PRINCIPLE. How dare her try to make such rules!? Deprive me of my beloved bjs?? Well, she stayed with me and kept blowin me. it was a looooong argument that spanned like the whole night but eventually she calmed down and I got to keep her and her beej's.
  12. sounds like she wants to control your life and change you, dont let it happen, tell her to get with the program or step the fuck off, you dig
  13. :confused_2: He's the one that let her walk all over him. And he's the one that's a liar. Like I said, I think they're both treating each other pretty shabbily.
  14. I love how the OP said he only took about 10 hits off the blunt lol
  15. wow i truly cant believer you gonna tuck your dick between your legs and let her run you like that! if ANY girl tried that shit on my jaw would drop. "are you serious? and if so get the FUCK outta my house!" grow some balls brother or its all downhill from here. next she will be dressing you in cute little sailor outfits and getting you manicures. now wheres the smily of me hanging my head in shame for all man kind?
  16. he said it all +rep
  17. co-sign, i know from experince that she will never respect you again if you let her control you like that
  18. Its not that I'm a bitch and Im still laughing from what all you said she just looking out for me cause she loves me and doesn't want me doing drugs anymore she an ex drug user she stop because of the lost of friends and some family members and doesnt want that happening to her or me. she just doesn't understand that pots the safest thing and i like staying with it im tired of trying to change her mind. my dad the same way still tokes but keeps it quiet from my mom. if i just pass this one drug test she probably stay off my back again im not looking for relationship advice just about passing the DT plus she a perfect 10 blonde hair nice titties thin body and im like a 5 on a good day lol
  19. well if THATS the case then drink LOTS of cranberry/grape juice, shave your head and dont hit the bong till she tests you... sweet talk her after the test and you oughta be clear for a while.:smoking::smoking::smoking:

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