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  1. Soo my girlfriend and i have been dating for about two months and ive been wanting to move forward more so i brought up nudes and she said no, She also told me how she sent them to a guy she liked about 2 months before we dated. I feel kinda jealous and mad. Am i justified in feeling so or at least not overreacting?

  2. Might be that after she sent nudes to that last guy, she realized how absolutely horrible of an idea it is. 
    I think you should discuss it with her and discuss your feelings about it, but I don't think it's fair to expect that she'll do it for you just because she did it for someone else at some point. People change, she may have realized with the last guy that it's not a good idea to be sending nudies to people. :p 
  3. I don't even send nudes to my boyfriend of 4 years. You never know where that shit will end up, or if it will come back to haunt you.
  4. Its more about the fact of how slow were moving. Its kinda.....unbearable 
  5. She sends them to me :confused_2:

    Don't try to make or manipulate her into doing something she doesn't want to or is uncomfortable doing. I'm assuming you see her naked sometimes right? Take some then. I'm sure she will be way more receptive to you snapping a few sexy pics for later then her sending you them herself.

    Either way respect her decision and good luck
  6. Nope. Never seen her naked. Barely done anything at all.
  7. I wouldn't say it's justified for you to be angry, you've only been dating (can't even call it a relationship because we don't really know how much time you two have spent together) for two months.
  8. Nope. Never seen her naked. Barely done anything at all.
    Well then wtf!!! Why would you expect her to send you naked pictures of herself haha.

    Dude there's plenty of easy chicks out there, go be with one of them because it seems like all you want her for is her body
    Then goddamn, why would you think she'd send you nude pics of her? 
    I get that she sent them to another guy she liked, but like I said, people change and she may have realized it's a shitty idea because relationships don't typically last forever and who knows where that shit is going to end up.
    But you're in such an early stage of the relationship that you haven't even seen her naked yet, and you still want nude pics?
    Calm your dick down, dude. 
  10. I don't think you should over react about this situation or feel jealous. If she doesnt want to send em, don't pressure her, let her be and maybe she will send em one day when the trust is there. If not, no biggie, she's your girl, you'll see her naked one day.

    But if things aren't going as fast you want em to, talk about that. Talk with her and see if you two can go a little farther. Just don't pressure her.

    Communication is key.
  11. I'll show you how it's done if you let me hit it 1st
  12. This is disappointing. I thought from reading the title that you were going to post nude pics of your ex girlfriend. This is very disappointing...
  13. If you have read the rules you would have FUCKING known this.
    Just playin, it was funny though, I'm high.
    Agreed. I had some photos queued up too lol.
  15. Hey man don't be shy feel free to post and let's turn this thread into something special instead of ops whinefest
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    Boooooobiiiiieeeessssss!!!!!!!! show OP what he's missing :p
  17. damn 2 months and you haven't seen her naked. i thought dating a virgin who is afraid of sex was bad.
  18. I would talk about my dick to cheer you up...but i dunno anymore... :bongin:  :smoking:  :hippie:  :gc_rocks:
  19. I read the first few posts in this thread (god knows why?)

    What I came up with is that this an internet relationship and you are clearly under 18
  20. By the bundle, you better back way the fuck up. You just met this girl, you can't jump right in their, show RESPECT, BE A GENTLEMAN. This time, but if that doesn't work I'm sorry for sticking my nose out.

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