Girlfriends Dad Found Out I Smoke Weed

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    so me and my girlfriend and a few of her friends all like to smoke together and have been for about a year now, it has never affected my grades or my social life (other than me making a few new friends). yesterday her dad found out we all smoke. someone sold us out. aside from someone selling us out im worried about wether or not hes going to label me a bad influence and forbid his daughter to see me, i just need some other people's opinions on this.

  2. What does it matter, I mean you're over 18 right? So your girl should be over 18 as well I would hope..He can't forbid her from seeing you cause you smoke

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  3. she still lives with her dad, and her dad is in huge control of her life right now
  4. Guess you'll just have to murder 'em both.

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  5. See if he wants to burn

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  6. Don't worry, if you're meant to be with this girl(she really likes you) her dad isn't going to be able to stop her from seeing you.
  7. thanks @mention, i guess i just over thought it when it first happened, 
  8. This.
    It has to be done, OP.
  9. If he calls you up on it, just laugh  and ask if he wants in. It's not a big deal, people just like to make it one.
  10. dude, unless youre like 14 her dad cant really do much about it now can he?
  11. First, figure out who the snitch is and avoid them.
    Second, get high and fuck that bitch. Who cares what he thinks?
  12. My girlfriend told her dad lol he doesnt knoe she smokes though

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.
  13. Don't worry, my sister and her boyfriend were in the same exact situation years ago. My parents got over it, I believe your girlfriends dad won't be to harsh on you, but you'll definitely have to prove yourself as a great guy for his daughter

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