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Discussion in 'General' started by ChrispyChris, May 25, 2009.

  1. I'm in a relationship at the moment, and I have been thinking a lot lately, and I'm not very happy in it. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to break up with the girl, but I need to find a good time to break it to her. She likes me a lot, but I don't feel the exact same way. I feel bad, and I know everyone is going to think what the fuck is up with me for dumping her, but I don't even care too much. I just want to be happy myself.

    I'm not even sure why I'm posting this. I guess I wanted to see what you guys do when you are in this situation. I'm not asking for advice though, I'm just curious.

    I am going to talk to her in person most likely, unless someone suggests the phone? Ha. I guess I'm asking for that bit of advice. Anyways, I would appreciate suggestions guys.

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  2. ditch the bitch, lets get high.

    But seriously, if you don't like her, kick her ass to the curb. It's not like you're married, just tell her "sorry, this just aint workin out"
  3. I'll spark a blunt, to that. :smoking:
  4. Alright, you make it sound much better. I know it's easy, I just always think about others before myself. I'm done though.

    Do you suggest the phone or a personal conversation face to face?
  5. Some people have consciences, and don't like to treat others like shit when it's not warranted....

    I've been in the same situation, and it's bullshit because nearly every damn woman thinks every single relationship they get into is going to last FOREVER. Even when both are unhappy, if one breaks up with the other, the one who made the split is the asshole. I think it's ridiculous, but it is what it is.

    The best idea is to do it in person....unless she's gonna go psycho on you. It's much more respectable than bitching out and doing it over the phone
  6. Thanks man. That's what I hate. Girls always get attached so damn fast. I'll probably just tell her tomorrow and be done with it. I always hate breaking up with a girl, but right after I do it, I feel so good.
  7. It will eventually blow over, she'll find someone else to cling to
  8. How long have you been w/ her..?

    interested to see how it turns out, as i am in a similar situation,
    only mine is pushing for marriage :(

  9. truth.

    edit:sorry for double post.. can't figure out how to edit a quote in after I've already posted.
  10. We've been dating almost two months. It seems so much longer, which I guess is because she is clingy. Is two months even that long? Haha. Oh well, I'll handle this. I've been through much worse.

    M1chael, would you mind explaining your situation to me?
  11. Invite her to lunch or coffee and break up to her in public, then she's less likely to make a scene out of it.
  12. 2 monthes?

  13. Just send her a quick email from a madeup go on gmail and just make some random name and just make a password you will never remember and just email her and tell her its you then just never see her responses lol. It sounds so perfect and easy as hell. I mean it should work?

  14. ohh..
    I've been w/ mine for over 2 years now..
    so my situation is a bit more complicated.

    she has a lot of anxiety, freaks out when anything goes wrong,and is kind of a control freak.

    crying and freaking out when she takes a wrong turn, then goes nuts when i can't fix it.

    typing out a to do list for me, all things on it would be good for me, but she isn't my damn mother.

    trying to establish an "off the computer by 12 rule" so we can start talking to each other more at night.

    wanting me to keep my marijuana use to once a week.

    getting upset at me for smoking cigarettes early in our relationship(I've quit since then by my own decision, but it's my choice god damn it.

    talking to me on the phone for at least a couple hours everyday (i hate talking on the phone in general, and my damn arm gets tired!)

    i could keep going on and on with things off the top of my head,
    but i don't have that much free time(well, i do.. but im lazy)

    I've tried to break up with her once,
    and she freaked out, started the car, and was attempting to drive quite dangerously until i basically said j/k.

    her anxiety is spreading to me because i have to be around it all the time;
    she used to be bulimic, used to cut, and just never deals with her problems in a healthy way.

    still don't know how to end it,
    i used to flip flop on the issue, but for the past 6 months, i just want my freedom.
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  15. Damn, you have it worse than me. I would just talk to her and tell her that you don't feel comfortable in the relationship anymore. I feel bad for you man.

  16. Shit man thats bad, I had a chick who once wrote a note in blood on my door saying she loved me once I broke up with her... kinda freaked my family out but wtf right?

    Its important to be nice, but stand your ground. Don't let them cry and win you back its stupid, if its not going to work your just bringing their hopes up the more you stay going out with them. Also, if she tried to start the car and do that... do it on the sidewalk or in a place with nothing she can use againsted you. If it gets worse... call the cops shes not safe.
  17. From one Michael to another....

    FUCK THAT NOISE!!! :eek:

    Swear to Christ I'd leave any woman who tried to control me like that :(
  18. How is saying "THIS JUST ISNT WORKING!" treating someone like shit? Why fucking be miserable with someone you don't have feelings for? That's just stupid.

    He was with the broad for 2 months, this aint no fuckin 4 year relationship, and if a girl thinks your an asshole for dumping her, then so be it, you shouldnt care one bit. Because in the end there will always be a new one.
  19. Jesus, I've had a total of two gf's my entire life, one of which (Amie) I'm still seeing after 5 years, I have literally no experience when it comes to breaking up with women. I did break up with my last one in a note during Algebra 1 in High School. I don't plan on breaking up with my gurl, infact just the opposit, I'm looking for a nice ring for one of those cute little fingers.;)

    All I can say about break ups is to do it in a public place, make it short and clear and walk away.
  20. Well thanks for all the conversation guys. I'm going to do it tomorrow morning most likely.

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