girlfriend trouble. I need advice

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  1. So I've been dating this girl over a year now. She's pretty fucking chill. We smoke A LOT of weed, I taught her how to skate a little, and we have pretty good sex. Not to mention she's incredibly attractive. Only problem is, is that I noticed she flirts with other guys who text her and I'm not alright with it. I've tried to get her to stop and she always says she will but doesn't. I think I just need to go ahead and end it, but its just hard because j feel like its been a while. Any advice on what to do, or how to break up with her if I decide to would be great. Thanks stoners.
  2. tell her that by flirting with other guys she is showing you that she may not take your relationship as serious as you.

    take it from there bro, good luck
  3. Personally I would break up with her, or just realize the perfect girl for myself is one who is dedicated to me so I would start treating her like any other girl. Be nice, but don't really give a fuck about them.

    She is either cheating on you, or likes attention. Either one is a recipe for disaster in my eyes. Find a girl that can respect you like you respect them. I don't have any friends that are girls other than my friends girlfriends. I don't go to places where you can meet new girls, and my line of work doesn't really have a lot of women in it. My girlfriend goes to university with a ton of guys, but she still doesn't hang out, text or even talk to any of them.
  4. Wtf , no one should have to tell their girlfriends to not flirt . You're girlfriend should already know not too . Seems to me like your gf is a scandalous whore , sorry bro
  5. Tell her it's them or you. Be stern. And if she continues to text them, tell her. Ain't nobody got time for that !
  6. All i want to let you know is that you're not alone

    I hate when people dont respect other peoples relationships
  7. Just fuck her till you find something new. No point in letting a cute piece of ass go till you have to. ;)
  8. maybe she still doesnt know how much it bugs you? make sure you sit her down and have a talk about it if it bugs you THIS much. try to work things out though, really give it another shot. Its probably not worth breaking up over this.
  9. My girlfriend did this to when I was having "pretty good" sex with her.

    I'd get annoyed cus she would text guys that she previously fucked. Some whom I knew had bigger penises than me which made me insecure. Once I got over than an learned how to really fuck her, like make her cum multiple times and even squirt... all that texting other guys stopped. Instead she began txtin me how horny she was all the time and how bad she wanted it. (This happened in like month 9 of our relationship) so you still got time brosef. Just start reading up and practicing.

    Sex is a very large part of a relationship (especially one less than a year old). It sounds like shes getting bored. I'm probably going to get flamed for saying this but if you were rocking her world in bed she would be flirting with you, not other guys.

    The second option is that she is still young and naive, and a naturally flirty person. You just have to show her YOU can give her everything she needs. DO NOT let this make you insecure, it will ruin your relationship if you do. Try and make things work by talking to her, laying everything out on the table and try to figure it out together. I felt I was much closer with my girl after I did that. Good luck.
  10. Thanks bro. Definitely some very helpful advice. I'm planning on talking to her today about everything, so ill update the thread later.
  11. Thanks for the support!
  12. How did it go ? And I'm sorry I have to disagree with what the guy said about rocking her world in bed then she will stop txting other guys. If she respected you and the relationship she woudnt be texting other guys in the first place. Rocking her world will not gain much respect, you can lay all the goof pipe you want, but if she thinks your a bitch before you lay good pipe. After you lay the pipe on her she will still think your a bitch with good pipe.

    You just have to be a man of means and integrity. Don't be a thirsty guy always after the pussy. Get shit done. And she will respect your word and not text other dudes. If you sit her down and talk to her and she still won't change. Fuck that bitch, move on and find one who will respect you.
  13. That was really good advice dude. Thanks! We had a long talk about it and she said she didnt mean anything by it and shed stop. I said if it happens again then I'm done. We will just have to see what happens now! So far so good.
  14. Every situation is different. In my case I had left my girl 3 years ago when I was getting into some bad unmentionables. I cleaned my act up and tried to see of she would still be in my life. There were some definite trust issues to start and because of this she always kept in contact with other guys, never knowing if I would just leave her and stop talking to her like I did before.

    I think you misread my post. If she's in a relationship with this guy she obviously doesn't think he's a "bitch"...
  15. Do it back to her. I had an ex who was constantly on grindr. (Gay app) He would say things like it's just texting bullshit, and I would never act on it. I expressed that I felt if he was committed he could get his attention from me as opposed to outside forces. So I ended up downloading it, and he gave me hell. He said it was so unlike me. I threw back at him that he said it was just for chatting not hooking up. We broke up a couple of months later because I made a fake account and got him to agree to hook up. On second thought I'd leave here. If she's anything like my ex, she won't change.
  16. Dude if you've been with her for a year don't break up with her over that. I'm a girl and I can tell u girls like attention. If its just by text and its nothing inappropriate, its not worth a brake up..gosh you men suck at handling situations lol. If it really bothers you that much, talk to her about it...let her know how you're feeling..that is a subject that could end your relationship. Shell understand its serious. But also understand is ok for her to have male friends and for her to text with them.
  17. It's ok to text friends of the opposite sex while you're in a relationship, but flirting is a different story. Is it ok for a guy to text his female friends or is it only ok for girls because they "like attention"? Because if it's not that's hypocrisy and ain't nobody got no time for that.
  18. Being a girl, ask her if there's any feelings behind her flirting with other guys.... I flirt a lot, but it means nothing to me.
  19. The guys she's flirting with might not mean anything to her. But depending on how seriouse the flirting is... DOES sound a little whoreish...
  20. My girlfriend dosent need any male friends that are straight. She can have all the girlfriends and gay male friends she wants. But not a single straight one. Meaning not a single straight dude is in her phone that isn't me or somebody in her family. And the same goes for me with females. Me and my girl are going to be a year strong on 4/20/13 (yes I know the date lol) and were in a happy relationship. We communicate well, but we still have our ups and downs like every relationship. And I'll be damned if she was flirting with another guy weather it be harmless or not smh

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