girlfriend told me she made out with my best friend

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  1. my girlfriend for almost a year told me that she made out with my best friend before we were dating because she was mad i wasn't talking to her.

    i am like upset cause they hid it and i found out almost a year later, but she said it was bothering her. we weren't dating at this time. what should i do?
  2. Let it go, if she's a good gf then let the past stay there
  3. Not a damn thing, let it go. If you act on this your relationship will never be good, it will always have taint. So you weren't together, fuck it.

    Who CARES what happened before you were together. If you dwell on the shit she did before you were together you'll never be happy.
  4. make sure she didnt fuck the guy first.

  5. Why would that matter?
  6. Cause another dudes penis entered her and that just isn't acceptable

  7. she didn't.

    see she did this when we first started hooking up. she made out with some guy and I got upset so I stopped talking to her and she got drunk and STUPIDLY made out with my best friend at the time.

    we weren't dating though at the time, but it def. made me upset.
  8. let it go. it was before you guys were together. thats like her getting mad at you for your hook ups prior to your relationship. she felt bad and told you about it, at least shes honest.
  9. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']Cause another dudes penis entered her and that just isn't acceptable[/quote]


    She's her own person, she didn't have any obligation to OP before they were together...

    OP she cares about you enough to tell you this, be happy you found an honest girl
  10. if you didn't want her fooling around with other guys at the time you guys were hooking up then you should have made it clear to her. we can't read minds.
  11. well the fact that its his best friend is a little shitty. not that big of a deal though. one of my friends is dating a girl i was with a couple years ago. their happy, that's all that matters, really.
  12. WW tell me you didn't wanna see that vid hahahaha :D

    But dude she's your girl now, I would drop it. And they just made out, it's not like she gave him anal.
  13. So you wouldn't fuck anyone unless they were a virgin?

    Holy fuck, how boring that would be.

  14. BINGO! Insecurity will kill. Honestly. If you dwell on the fact that your woman might have had sex prior to meeting you, well, you're a fucking idiot.

    37 cocks?

    Who cares?
  15. See if she has a girlfriend that wants to join in.:hello:
  16. Haha I was just fucking around I like my girls experienced, fuck that timid shit
  17. Yup, irrelevant.

    As I've said before on here, when you get older sexual histories don't mean shit. Nobody asks, nobody cares. And nobody would be honest about it anyway.

  18. ^^^^^^^ :smoking:

    ^^^ Drunk and being too friendly. Yea make sure she didnt fuck him. Im not saying she did. But girls can lie to a man like its no ones business. They are very slick sometimes.

    Yea after a year :rolleyes:
  19. If I've learned anything from years of watching sitcoms, it's that you should just sit on this for a bit and whip it out next time you're in trouble.
  20. She didn't have to tell you at all. She did it because she cares.

    Let sleeping dog lie.

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