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Discussion in 'General' started by babaloeey, May 15, 2011.

  1. Third month anniversary.

    She wanted to celebrate on the day exactly, but I suggested we do it the day prior as I had committed to helping some friends with a project. She got upset at this notion.

    I don't really care about symbolic holidays like this as much as she does.

    Am I out of line? Is she just being high maintenance?
  2. good luck not getting laid a day b4 ur anniversary.
  3. she needs to chilll, its only the 3 month mark. 3 months is meaningless, I could see if it was on a 1 year mark.
  4. Yea chicks generally are crazy about that kinda thing. Good luck dude.
  5. Tell her not to put so much stress on it. You two are together right? Why do you need to remind yourselves of that (not saying its a bad thing).

    Its like 420 (only exception being that 420 comes once a year) its another day, that comes and goes, nothing is different or more significant.

    Unless she wanted sex, in which case you fucked up baddd. :p
  6. Tell her she's stupid, it's only a three month mark. <- DUMB
  7. whatever, bring her some flowers and a little stupid gift. Say you wanna make the day special. She should shut the fuck up and spread her legs. If not, proceed with plan b...chloroform
  8. Will you be helping your friends all day? If not, tell her you'll spend the day before with her and also do something special with her on the actual day either before or after you help your friends.
  9. who the fuck celebrates a 3 month anniversary

  10. stupid bitches :rolleyes:
  11. 3 month?

    Dump her ass.
  12. teenage chicks..
  13. fuck me if i ever needed a stoner forum to tell me if im out of my line wit my chick
  14. this man speaks the truth
  15. somehow make it all her fault and then use that as leverage for a breakup
  16. or a blowjob..

    either way you win

  17. Winning.
  18. Anniversaries are one year...

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