girlfriend pregnant.. extra juicy?

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  1. So. My girlfriend is about 8 weeks. We have sex twice a week or so I guess. I've noticed lately, she's been super wet. Like visible cream on the dick. Super hot.
    This is normal, or..?
  2. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause differences in discharge, but yeast infections are extremely common during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes as well.
    She should be seeking prenatal care at this point and they will test her for any infections, drugs, etc.
  3. Did that today, actually. She's clear and clean of any infections :) but, plan is to terminate in a day or three....
  4. Then I would say totally normal.
    Good luck, man!
  5. Get her on the pill or wrap it up be smart
  6. You can do that after 8 weeks?

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  7. You can terminate up to 20 weeks in some states.
  8. Less than 9 weeks for the pill termination. So, its do or d... I won't say that. But, time tto shit or get off the pot. She's unemployed, I make a lot of money, but not enough to support her and a child. Its our decision. People make mistakes. We acted on impulse (creampies) and now have to deal with the result of our actions. We aren't happy about the decision, but are doing what's best. I live with parents, she lives with parents, the stars just aren't aligned for us to have a child.

    However, I'm thoroughly enjoying this pregnant sex
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    Tell yourself what you need to tell  yourself. I know that when I know that I'm doing what's best, I like to reassure strangers of an online community that I'm personally making all the right moves for the right reasons on impulse when no one asked or scrutinized.
  10. Scrutiny is gonna happen....
    Wait for it.
    totally respect your decision, and glad you thought it out and are doing the right thing and all..
    how can you say that you "make a lot of money" but can't support a wife and kid?
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    Why shouldn't you be scrutinized? Because you pulled a Lebron James, and pointed out all of the flaws that are supposedly inherent to all man, and thus we must all sympathize with your genuine stupidity? Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-choice, but you seem to just have this optimism to a shitty situation that you put yourself in, that just makes me want to kind of verbally poke fun at you for a bit. "Yea, I made a mistake but I'm learning from it, even though I don't really have to deal with it at all if I don't want to anyway. LOL BUT I'M LOVING THIS PREGNANT SEX WHILE IT LASTS." Yeah,
  13. "Good money" for this area. Say 13 bucks an hour. I think about 23k a year. A baby is 15k a year, average. So, 8k to pay bills/survive? I don't think its manageable. I don't want a child that has to struggle to live. I made a mistake by doing what I did to cause a pregnancy, and am now getting the repercussions. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but it is what it is.
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    Ive heard from people who have done it and the pill thing is not the way to go. It draws it out way longer and is way way more painful. The other way seems worse, but it isn't. It's actually done and over with in about 5 minutes. The pill thing takes days. Just think about it. I'm not saying what she should do but just letting you know some facts ;)

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  15. Really? Well, that's interesting...
    Thanks! Appreciate an educated reply, without being an unnecessary asshole. Kindness goes a long way, and I really appreciate it!
  16. You're welcome, man. Hopefully it saves you and your girl from some unneeded pain.

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  17. All I can say is pleaseeeee learn from this mistake. I don't like to call kids a mistake, but in this day and age, money is the only way to get by and without it, a lot of kids suffer when it isn't their fault.
  18. If 23k is good money I'm Mitt Romney
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    That is definitely not enough to support a family. Things cost way to much these days.
  20. 23k is good for the Appalachian mountains, rural area, with no education past highschool. Lol if anyone keeps up with me, I'm a Correctional Officer, state prison, and risk my life on a daily basis (legit, this job is the real deal, I think the "ballsiest" job out there) for $13.48 an hour. Lol. 'Merica!

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