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  1. Soo I'm not here to sound like a whiney bitch, but I got feelings and a dilemma so here I go, it'll probably be long:
    My girlfriend and I have been together for about 2 and a half years. She is absolutely stunning in every single way, and it blows my mind that a girl like this is with a guy like me. I love her to death, honestly.
    She's 19, I'm 20...and as I'm getting a gut and more and more plain looking, she just keeps getting more and more attractive. She's COMPLETELY bangin and I'm just your average looking guy, and this has been a "problem" with lots of other dudes and people. She always gets hit on, always has guys trying to contact her, and it's been like that from the beginning. Luckily they get the point when she ignores it, but recently I feel like there is a disinterest in me.
    Honestly I feel like she's cheating on me. I trust her completely, but just something in my gut as of recently is telling me something is up. Everything in our relationship is the same except for the disinterest I feel from her, the gut feeling, she's been hanging out without me recently and the sex isn't nearly as passionate. Basically, she legitimately uses me as a human dildo, to get herself off...not really concerned with me. This is all in the past month, and I've mentioned it and she just gets offended and denies it completely. I really don't think she would cheat on me, she still makes sure I know she's in love with me, but this gut feeling's there for a reason. Her body language just makes me feel like somethings up man. What would you suggest I do?
  2. Sorry it's not in paragraphs, thought I did that.
  3. Start working out and watching what you eat. If you're feeling mediocre then it's because you're acting mediocre - if she's as wonderful as you say then you should be putting effort into yourself, otherwise how can you not expect her to roam, especially if she's got all sorts of others options and you're becoming less and less healthy?

    As far as the 'cheating' goes... If your gut is telling you something's up, and you've got nothing else to be paranoid about, then there is something wrong. If you've brought it up, she denies it, and you really don't think she would cheat on you, then perhaps it's not cheating on you so much as losing interest. What do you do with a girl who's losing interest? Change things up. Start, again, with yourself, get your ass to a gym and stop drinking Coke. Surprise her with something sweet or badass, and try to kill the chance that it's not just her feeling like 'the passion is gone'.
  4. Just tell her everything you told us.
    None of us can tell you if she is cheating on you or losing interest in you. I would just talk to her about it just tell her your scared of losing her and you love her to death and be like if your cheating on me or losing interest in me just tell me because I want to work this out because i love you.

    Basically i'm just saying you need to sit down and have a talk with her about this.
  5. Trust that gut feeling man, its the one thing you can rely on, or have you been cheating on her and your guilt is getting directed onto her?
  6. i would say go on your instinct but dont make that be your absolute decision as to whats really happening.

    sure you have a feeling but that desnt make it true. maybe you are just self conscious that you are getting out of shape and she isnt doing anything but getting better looking and naturally since you are so attracted to her then other guys must also be eye balling her. so its fine that you suspect, but dont start prying into her business when shit like that comes up. just try and focus on her and tell her how much you love her and treat her the best you can to keep the incentive to stay with you.

    chances are those other guys arent as good a dude as you are to her. they more than likely are after her booty rather than trying to be with her than you are. id say after 2.5 years you should think about being more permanent with her. that is a pretty long relationship, damn near married. ive been with my girl for 3.5 years and we have been acting like we were married a long time ago.

    maybe to help make things more solid you should give her a promise ring or something. not an engagement ring, that may be more of a step than you are willing to take. but something modest and cheapish. 100 bucks at most. and tell her your feelings and that she is your life and you want to be with her and until the time is right to get married, you would like her to know that you promise to love and care for her more than any other guy could hope to attain.

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