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  1. Hey blades, I have a dilemma that I need some advice. My girlfriend of three years asked me recently if I would be okay with her meeting an old friend from high school who is moving away and wants to see her again. I know that this guy is a okay dude, but my girlfriend dated him for a brief period before we met. They were good friends and it didn't work out with them dating, so they stayed friends.

    She just told me tonight after I asked her if she is doing anything tomorrow that she is going out to dinner with this guy.

    I just think think that this dude has some balls to ask her out for one last meeting, even if it is just as friends. I don't really know how to feel about it and I wish she wouldn't go but I guess I really don't have anything to worry about because I trust her. Still it just bothers me that this dude has to go out to dinner with her.

    Like I said, I don't know how to feel about this, the dude is a geek and I think he has a girlfriend. I kind of feel like he doesn't need to see my girlfriend, he could just as easily call her up and talk and say goodbye or whatever because he is moving away. I don't know. What would you blades do in this situation? Should I go with her?
  2. I'd like to tell you that you should trust her and acknowledge her right to meet with who she wants, but I've been burned by a very similar situation (twice in fact).

    Truthfully, you risk losing her no matter what you do. Harden your heart and be prepared to take whatever comes next.

  3. I've been burned and I've been loved. (still am loved.)

    Listen to what this man has to tell you. There is no great outcome to this situation. :eek:
  4. If she invited you to go with her, then by all means, tag along. But if she didn't, she might just want some alone time with an old friend before he leaves.

    Believe it or not, sometimes gender doesn't matter when it comes to friendships. :p

    You said yourself, you trust her, right? So no worries, man. :wave:

    EDIT: Lol, wow. The males saw this situation much differently than I did... This thread could become some sort of scientific study! :smoke:
  5. I would say "I dont really feel comfortable you going with that guy" but LISTEN to what she says.Personally I'd let her go. But what ever floats your boat.

  6. Lol, don't go with her, that would just show insecurity. You've been with this chick for three years, that should be enough to build up a fair amount of trust.

    If this friend was female, would you have a problem? Probably not, right? Just think of this friend as a chick. Be supportive rather than jealous and insecure and it will benefit you both in the end.

    Next time one of your female friends wants to meet up, you'll know that she has the same trust in you as you have in her.

    It's just dinner, relax. Unless she says shes going over to the dudes house, just be chill.
  7. You could do a couple things.

    a) You could let her go and see him and trust her not to do anything.

    b) You could rent a van and spy on that bitch.

    If she actually told you about it then chances are that she really is just gonna say good-bye, especially since you've been in it for 3 years. Why would she tell you that she's going out, where she's gonna be, and then go and mess around.
  8. People in relationships do desperate things. :smoking:
  9. Edit - Nevermind. I'm just kinda drunk and remembering the past. I'm incredibly happy with who I have and love now. :hello:
  10. gotta trust her, you cant not let her go, id have a little talk with her about it though, but at the end of the day if shes the right 1 for you, she'll make the right move
  11. that is an awkward situation for you my friend.
    i used to be over protective about stuff like that, but you just need to realize if something was going to happen, she would do it regardless. you know what i am saying?
    dont sweat it, just tell her in a very nice tone it isnt an idea you like, but you understand she wants to see an old friend.
  12. you better believe this dude is jsut tryin to get some last minute pussy before he leaves

    hope ur girl really is trustworthy
  13. The problem is that they used to date. Normal male/female friendships can work, but once you've dated, the dynamic changes. I have never ever seen anything good coming from girls going on pseudo dates with their ex-boyfriends. Obviously that doesn't mean she for sure wants to cheat on you, but it sure puts you in a shitty situation...
  14. if he has a girlfriend throwdown the double date

    otherwise sketchy
  15. If you trusted her, you wouldn't be asking GC for reassurance.

    ayb1025 is right, if she wants to cheat she is going to, whether it is this guy or some other guy. You really can't stop her or dump her, but don't hold her back from seeing a friend. The fact that she even needs your permission to go to dinner with him is a little messed up to me, but I can tell you really care about her.
  16. GC is like a home away from home and I respect my fellow blades opinion, that's why I am asking, not because I don't trust her. I just thought it was a strange situation.

    In the end, I told her I was okay with her meeting him, but I thought it was strange and that he has balls to ask when he knows she has a boyfriend.

  17. co-sign that!!
  18. I would want to go with them, if theres no funny business it shouldn't be a problem.

    Why the fuck should they need time alone with each other if nothing is going to happen? IF it's just two old friends saying goodbye then you being there shouldn't be a problem.

    You should invite yourself along.
  19. man this reminds me of a movie i saw where the gf said"hey im going to meet an old friend for dinner" well they ended up fucking and it was a totally different guy than she said. it wasnt an old friend she was cheating. but hey man if you trust her go along do w.e.
  20. If a she is telling you about it, then you really don't have anything to worry about.

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