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Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. well guys, ive sorta been back into the oxycodone a bit lately as you know... kelly doesnt really care anymore, atleast not the way she used to, but she still doesnt want me doing it. and well, i really love the girl, so i think im going to take her advice.

    right now, this should be my last oxycodone high for a looooooong time. im not going to say ever, because i do like the stuff, i find it almost as enjoyable as weed, moreso depending on the circumstances, but shes right. i use it for the wrong reasons, and its just going to lead me down a bad path.

    im gonna miss the stuff, but i love my lil cutie, and id do anything to make her even just a bit happier. shes my number one prioritie. fortunately i wont have done enough often enough to have to deal with any withdrawal or anything like that.

    and on a lighter note, VALENTINES DAY IS COMING!! ooo, i think that may be the day i lose my virginity. its been a long wait, but soooooooooo worth it. you guys could not believe this girl, honestly, its like im dreaming when im with her. kellys a virgin too, so its going to be amazing. but shes has a lil "toy" of hers that she plays with now and then, so its not going to hurt her at all.

    anyways im gettin a bit personal here...

    I love all you guys! Smoke some weed for me tonight!
  2. Thats a smart choice...

    Some times girls are the smart ones..
  3. yeah i hate admitting it.....but my g/f allways seems to right thesedays........and good luck with your big night, hope it all works out for i hope she never sees your computer, if she seen you telling everyone about het "toy" she'll probably hit the out.........Sid
  4. Yeah, she wouldn't be happy about that. LOL!

    I'm glad you're chilling out with the pills. Good choice. :)

    Good luck on Valentine's Day. I hope you two enjoy it! It's really a great thing! ;) Uh....since you got all personal and might want to, maybe, (how should I say this?) jack off before you do it, that way you might last longer when you are together and you don't want it to be over before it gets started for her, you know?

    I feel weird. I need to add that to my weird thing later. Weirdness has finally crept over me. Sorry about trying to give you advice about that but I'm a girl and guys who are virgins or less experienced seem to come a little quicker than girls might like. UGH! I still feel weird. I'm going to quit typing in this thread now.
  5. hahahahahaha, sounds good.

    ill be thinkin of you while i do it rummy. and ill be thinking of you while i wash my hands. soon after that ill hopefully of forgotten who you all are and will only be thinking about the words "in" and "out"

    hahah, its not planned on valentines day or anything.. dont get me wrong, im just feeling it, seems like a better day than anything else. but we havent talked about it, just speculation on my part.
  6. yeah best not to go with a loaded weapon........Peace out......Sid
  7. i'd like to say i'm losing my virginity on valentines.... but i'll prolly be a virgin forever. so i'll prolly jus smoke some crack for a 5 minute full body orgasm instead.

    wink wink
  8. I'm glad to hear you're getting of the oxy's.

    Good luck on V-Day :D
  9. V-day, what a great day to exchange V-cards, if ya know what I mean.
  10. hahahahahah

    you guys are awesome ;) dont expect much.

    i suck.

    hahaha :D

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