Girlfriend keeps asking me to do something I don't wanna do.

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  1. My girlfriend asked me if I masturbate and I said no countless times to this question she continually asks. I think I found out why cuz the other day she asked me if I would masturbate all the way until I come while she watches me. She practically begs for this all the time and I don't wanna do it. I don't masturbate and I never have I know as a guy that's hard to believe but it's the truth. Advice GC?
  2. Just tell her this, fuck you bitch, were over. it should work like a charm
  3. You don't masturbate? Hmm, that is very unlikely. Everyone does. Guys, girls, everyone. The fact that you have a gf by you've never jacked off is insane. To insane to be the truth. I mean come on.
  4. Masturbation is healthy, so is exploring in bed.

    Maybe instead of dismissing it you could give it a try?
  5. Yes but everytime she wants to try somethin it's like ok... I mean I'm usually reluctant but it happens! I love eating out and it took me like 3 months to convince her to let me eat her out and now she loves and I do it all the time... I don't ask for much but I'm very open minded and giving in bed. I just don't wanna do this one thing and i wanna get it through her head.
  6. hahaha dude no one cares if you masturbate, I seriously can't imagine someone never masturbating at all ever in their lives, unless there is something seriously wrong with them, you might not masturbate often, but never? cmon dude that just isn't believable. Just tell her no, or maybe make her do something she doesn't want to do as well, so at least there will be some kind of compromise.
  7. I don't see the big deal?
  8. I say your lucky.. but since your so prude, perhaps its your g'f thats unlucky....

    She can watch me...

  9. Well that's cuz in middle and high school everyone was like "Do you beat yo meat" and anyone who wouldn't wanna be laughed at would say no... I guess I was the only one willing to make that true... I honestly swear on my life and family that I have never done it.
  10. Dude just do's hot. I mean I get turned on if
    I even hear my guy going at it, let alone getting to
    watch...oh god.



    Sounds to me like you're the prude and she wants to
    get kinky. You sir are the problem...


    If you really don't feel comfortable doing it, then that's
    fine. You can't change that. Just don't be afraid to
    explore in the's fun.
  11. If I did everything gladly except masturbating would that make me prude? Not even close, like I said masturbating is the one thing I wouldn't do for a girl... Why would I need to manually stimulate myself when she is there to gladly do it for me?
  12. she won't gladly continue if you don't at least try to please her sexually..

    she'll eventually find someone else who will.

  13. Sex is not all about you.

    It's about both of you, and if you're not willing to
    satisfy some of her request or give her the pleasure
    she's seeking (watching you etc.) then she's not
    going to be fully happy with you sexually and will
    perhaps start looking elsewhere...

    Just sayin'...
  14. I understand that but did you read my second post I believe? I have to satisfy every single request?? I have done many things that she wanted sexually and I didn't even enjoy most of them but I did them anyways... So I shouldn't draw a line I should just give her what she wants and not consider my level of comfort sexually in this relationship?
  15. Wait until you're about to cum, then shoot your load all over her face.
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    There's nothing wrong with masturbating,so I don't understand why you won't do it.

    Obviously,it is something that would turn her on a great deal if she is begging you to do it.So I also don't understand why you wouldn't want to turn your girl on?

    Like others have said,if you don't,she will find someone else who does.
  17. you should atlest make a compromise!

    perhaps busting rite inher mouth nd she has to swallow?

    hahaha.. if thats too much..

    then maybe you can watch her do her bidness in front of you.

    that is your GF.

    shouldnt you be comfortable with who youre around with?
  18. I'd be down with that..

    Then blow my load on her tits..

    It would be kinda awkward though..
  19. [​IMG]

    keep tha pimp hand strong
  20. That too:rolleyes:

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