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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by high loft, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. I've been smokin for over 6 yrs. and LOVE TO GET HIGH!!! Everyone around me smokes, friends, the band, and my dad (we smoke together now)!! I've been in some really bad relationships in the past but the girl I'm with now is wonderful! I love her with all my heart and I know I want to be with her for the rest of my life but the only problem is she doesn't like me smokin so much. She thinks I should only smoke (no more than) 3 times a week. I agreed to this to make her happy but I can't seem to keep my promise. I LOVE WEED!!!! I dont' see anything wrong with it and I don't treat her different but I don't want to loose her. I know how much she doesn't like me smokin so what should I do? Thoughts, suggestions?
  2. I'd start by having a heart to heart with her. Explain to her why you love weed so much. Many people are just so brainwashed by DARE and these shitty Gov. commericals, that they're aren't aware of the positive aspects of marijuana. The key is to present your side in a non threating manner. Just be open and honest with her and you guys will come to a compromise. :)
  3. are there any specific reasons why she wants you to slow down on the smoking? in my relationships I noticed I dont smoke at much almost if at all cause Im not that intentive eventhough Im crazy about the girl. I get "lazy" with the relationship ive noticed. but if thats not an issue..or if she doenst have a reason why..I would talk to her as well if there doesnt seem to be a legit reason
  4. I would just toke late at night before you go to sleep and she shouldnt have a problem with that because you're just relaxing and enjoying yourself. If you and her are really seriuos it might help to tell her that people usually slow down dramatically on the amount of weed they smoke as they get into their 30's and on. Try not to say you love weed and that you do love her but you enjoy smoking weed and it is part of your life that you dont want to suddenly give up.

  5. hmmm....

    The way I see it she is already trying to compromise. Which is good. I have had friends who's partners want them to quit smokin all together. Needless to say they couldn't do it and the relationship doesn't work out.

    By asking you to cut back she is asking you to meet her half way. The ball is in your court now. I think you should get serious and really try your hardest to cut back.

    You don't wanna fuck up what may be your one real chance at love on account of weed. Think about what you'd be givin up. On the one hand you have a drug that offers temporary enjoyment and ultimately isn't good for your body anyway. Then on the other hand you have a girl that could make you happy for the rest of your life.

    If that shit is so controlling your life that you can't see what the clear choice is here then maybe you really do need to quit. You have to prioritize dude.

  6. A point very well spoken.... :)
  7. I looked at it the way GamjaMom did, she should love me for who I am. Smokin weed is part of me and if she loves me then she has to accept that also. Her thing is, she knew me before I smoked and says I can be myself without it.

    And I try not to smoke now when she's around but last week I did and got caught in a lie. I told her I would tell her if she wouldn't get so upset but everytime I mention it she gets all weirded out.

    This is the only thing we argue about and it's teh "reacurring fight." I just don't understand why she gets so upset b/c I love to get high. FRUSTRATED!!! Guess it's time to smoke it up!
  8. well, i agree partly with both sides here

    from the sounds of it, she's not asking you to quit. she's asking you to cut back, MAYBE, because you're smoking too much.
    and as BeRzErKaS said, she's trying to compromise.


    i personally would be very happy if i could AFFORD to smoke 3 times a week. i've just finished college, and i don't have a job, so the only money i get is from my mum and that's very rare
    luckily i have a few generous friends who invite me along whenever they have a smoke.
    sorry, i'm ranting there

    but in my opinion, you shoudl go along with her compromise. you still get to smoke often, AND this girl you love so much will still be there too! that sounds like a deal to me

    if she were asking you to quit totally, then this would be an altogether different matter.

  9. Yes! That's what happened to me! I thought I'd never date anyone who didn't smoke weed, but I'm with a guy named Fred now. He didn't really smoke all that much before he met me, but now he likes smoking all the time! He even got to the smoking alone stage's so cool! He's turning into a stoner right before my eyes! I guess the love I have for MJ rubbed off on him :D
  10. A relationship in which 2 people both toke, is a beautiful relationship.

    I wish psychiatrists could relize the potential of weed.

    All the true feelings would come out, and problems solved.

    Hopefully this dream will someday be realized.
  11. i remember the great thourogood said something like...

    I love weed. I LOVE IT... but not as much as i love pussy.

    Girls come rarely, weeds always around. Stop smoking sooo much because its much harder to find a good chick then some good weed.


    also, another note: She may be thinking of the future. What if she wants kids one day? Not saying smoking weed is bad when you have kids, but a dad thats stoned 24/7 isnt exactly the best influence.

    I quite for my chick cuz she ment more to me than anything. Seriously think about it. If he didnt care, then she wouldnt care about you. People have to change for a relationship, whether they want to or even relize it. Yes she should love you for who you are, BUT that doesnt mean she should love EVERYTHING you do. I know i certantly dont love everything my girl friend does and i do ask her to attempt change, but i wouldnt ever break it off because of it.

    Think about it...
  12. If I were getting close to someone and they were like, "don't smoke", I'd laugh in their face. I wouldn't ask anyone to change for me. And for them to ask for me to change, well, it just wasn't meant to be.
    But then again.. I don't think I could ever get close to a non-stoner chick in the first place.. Unless they just really didn't care about it at all.

  13. ditto:)

  14. Hell yea!! LOL
    Dude...don't worry too much. I was in your exact position 10 years ago when I met my wife. Go along with her for a while. Spend weed money and smoke time with her sober, so she will fall in love with you even more than she already has, then gradually introduce the weed back into your life. She will be so blinded by love, she will forget about the weed. Just have control of your weed, it doesn't have control of you! Don't let it ruin a once in a lifetime relationship.

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