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  1. so i started going out w/ this girl recently and we were talking a few days ago and she brought up the fact that she had kissed a few girls recently when they were drunk. A few days later she introduces me to a few of friends, 2 of which are lesbians and im pretty sure she hooked up with one of them. Basically what im asking is, would any of you guys object to your girlfriend hooking up with some of her girlfriends and would do it again in the future?
  2. 3 some.

  3. So I see you have an open relationship.
  4. I wouldn't object if I was invited along too!

    But really it depends on the type of relationship you want. I am a very monogamous person, so I would not be ok with my girl hooking up with anyone, male or female. She expects the same of me of course.

    If you aren't as into monogamy it shouldn't be a problem, right?
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  5. Its funny how if she kissed another man you would probably break up but if it's another girl it's all good.

    but yeah, 3some.

    or a full on orgy. get her friends. lmao.
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    I find that really disrespectful. I know the males on here are gonna be all "omg dude why r u complainin lulz"

    It's called respect, and this broad seems like she has none for her boyfriend. If you did the same to her she'd probably have a fit. That shit ain't cool. If she wants to fuck around with other girls or something then she should be single.

    *edit* unless you're okay with her hooking up with females, but if that was the case I wouldn't see the point of this thread.
  7. This should have ended with the first reply
  8. is that so wrong?
  9. I don't know about you, but she wouldn't be the type of girl I would plan on marrying and letting her be the mother of my child.

    You can definitely use her to your advantage and get laid BIG TIME for now though. :hello:

  10. No nothing wrong if you know the ground rules. The point is that if she is casual with girls while going out with you she's also casual with guys. You can't moniter her 24/7. Don't be surprised if she is invited into a 3 some with other guys with the girlfriends she's hanging with. If it's not serious relationship then no worries - she's entitled to fun as well as you are. But understand that this relationship is starting out as an open relationship. Nothing about it says bf/gf.
  11. I agree with this.. plus it puts you at a MUCH higher risk of STD's.
  12. Ask her if you can tag along next time.
    if she says no then give her the boot:wave:
    if she says yes then have a good time sir:D
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  13. Fixed
  14. Well said. Obviously you have at least a little bit of an issue here, and quite frankly, she should have asked you and not simply assumed that you would be OK with this regardless of gender or the stereotype that "all guys fucking love lesbians!"

    We are all unique in our beliefs for the most part. She really should have asked you to begin with. And if she doesn't understand that when you confront her about it, then ask her how she would feel if you were hooking up with other girls.

    Gender should not matter when it comes to respect. Good luck with it. You may in fact be on the verge of seeing one of your fantasies come true. :cool:
  15. Only when the STD test comes back positive...:eek:

    It's called reality my friend. Life is not always as picture perfect as that award-winning gang-bang porn scene.
  16. Breakupwither.
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  17. I don't know, I think I'd ride that storm out a while. (along with regular checkups of course);)
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    Think of it this way,

    If you kissed a male while intoxicated, do you think she would really care?

    I doubt it, man.

    My girlfriend in high-school used to kiss girls when she was drunk. It was rare, but it happened every so often. I never paid attention of it, girls tend to be more open around one another about this sort of thing, as opposed to the alternative. I knew it never meant anything, as most of her girlfriends usually did the same thing. It never went passed a drunken kiss, either.

    OP I'm sure it means absolutely nothing, and if you do mind, just bring it up with her. Try not to be defensive, and just express that it makes you uncomfortable when she hooks up with other girls. If she's an half-decent girlfriend and it means nothing, then I'm sure she will be happy to comply. If she puts up an argument, and wants to continue with these actions; Then you have something to be worried about.

    Personally, I would start having a problem if it went beyond the point of a drunken make out. I'd be concerned if they were arranging to see each other more frequently, and if she began blowing you off to hang out with this chika.

    Good luck man,
    wishing you only the best.
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  19. My girl got a girlfriend, I just found out but it's aight as long as I can be with her too.
    My girl got a girlfriend it really is not a problem cuz I'ma make it do what it do.
    Cuz havin two chicks is better than no chicks I'd rather just join in, keep my girl and keep the other one too.
    My girl got a girlfriend, it really is not a problem cuz I'ma make it do what it do girl.

    Wise words of that auto tune dude TPAIN
  20. omg dude why r u complainin lulz

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