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  1. You guys seem pretty chill people, so hears my problem. I feel like me and my girlfriend don't talk enough. We kiss, have sex, all that stuff, but I just don't feel we talk enough. I try and do my part, and when I talk to her about it, she says things like "I know we need to talk more... I just don't know what to talk about." I'm a pretty open guy, and tbh I think I talk a little too much. She has almost no hobbies so it's difficult to talk about that kind of stuff. My question is kind of complicated since you don't know the full story. Anyone know of anyways to talk more?
  2. Get high together and start talking about something really emotional. <3
  3. Why not start doing some hobbies together? That normally strikes up conversation and thought processes.
    Do you guys spend most of your time together at home? If so perhaps changing things up by going outside, even the smallest of adventures are bound to bring up some form of conversation.
  4. I'm on probation right now so I can't really get high.... on bud or any other drug that shows up on drug tests.

    Once I get some money, I'm gonna take her out fishing or something, we both love to fish. and the only time we arn't at the house if we are just driving around aimlessly smoking blacks. She's not really the outdoorsy type, but somehow loves to fish
  5. The good thing about fishing is once you have the equipment you can pretty much go when ever you want. You might want to look into the laws for fishing licenses though, around here they are super cheap to get but you can get a huge ass fine if you get caught fishing without one.

    Do you guys like seeing live bands? I used to always go to small town shows where the fee to get in was at most $10 and stumbled a lot for free. May not be the most top notch bands but there's still some good stuff kicking around, support the local scene ;) And I grew up in a small, very small area compared to most places. Just have to check out venues, most cases there's posters of some sort and wouldn't be surprised if they had listings online these days.

    Maybe a picnic, since they are pretty cheap little outings that could very well spark some new conversation.

    Just recently I picked up a few disposable cameras and had a blast taking pictures. But the real conversations come in play when we went through them a few days later. We also had a few friends join in, just dedicated a few hours of adventuring and having fun.

    I suggest doing things in general because from my own personal experience, when neither of you do anything there isn't anything worth talking about. When we started being more active more and more things suddenly became conversations. Especially when he was away for school, we had so much more to talk about because we were doing our own thing. There needs to be a healthy balance between both.

    I find it's the small things that make you bond that give you the full filling conversations that take place in a relationship.

    My apologies for what seems ramble, I just smoked a bowl of hash. I hope it makes sense :)
  6. talk about everything, and nothing. atthesametime.
  7. Go for a hike, or even camping one weekend. I find that camping is an amazing way to just talk for hours and hours about nothing, while doing all sorts of fun things outdoors ;)
  8. Might i suggest reading a book together. If reading isn't your thing maybe watch a movie.
  9. I'm going to have to agree with the books here, they are really good at sparking conversation. Romance novels would be good for you two, it could help set the mood :ey:
  10. These are all good ideas... but my gf is 17 and im 18. We live in the middle of the suburbs, so a lot of those ideas won't work. Reading a book? she hates reading and I don't ever read. Sorry for shooting ideas down, smoking some "unmentionables" atm so I like to ramble.
  11. Sounds more like a fuck buddy, then a person you actually have something in common with.
  12. We have fun with each other, we text all the time, we really like each other. Just in person, we just don't talk too much unless we are with other people. It's weird, never had a relationship like this.
  13. Really, you don't have a park or field nearby to go sit and have a picnic? A lot of these things are quite simple since you already drive around aimlessly. I was doing a lot of the suggested things when I was 15 before I could drive myself around!

    Perhaps a different angle of thought is required. What are her interests? There's gotta be something that she enjoys, hell even if it's something you are interested in. I feel like I'm stabbing in the dark with suggestions :confused:

    Do you guys enjoy animals? Maybe go volunteer a few hours and play with the animals that are up for adoption?
  14. First, any recent information about the pregnancy scare?

    I find it good that you want to communicate more. Many women say men don't do it enough, this is an example that we do think about it.
    Do you both share similar interests in current events? My wife and I have great conversations about things we read and watch in the news. We also like to just get out...any where. We will talk about the scenery, maybe a car we like, a nice stream. There are opportunities all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see them.
    Telling your lady that a bird that just flew by was pretty may not be a super hot topic, but it shows her that you are interested in talking about anything with her.
  15. Tbh, I'm not trying to sound mean, but she has almost no hobbies. She just likes hanging out and watching tv... Nothing special to talk about. I on the other hand is interested in a lot of things. Sports, smoking, politics all of that. She isn't really interested in sports or politics and I'm on probation so smoking is out of the question.

    Nothing of interest yet, Gotta wait another week until I get payed till we move forward. And like I said, she isn't involved in politics. Again, I don't want to sound mean, but she lives a pretty boring life in my eyes. She enjoys the simple things in life, her cat, tv, and other things a high schooler would like. It's pretty frustrating, I feel like we seem to talk about the same things over and over. We both are committed to talk more... I just don't see much result sometimes.

    Oh and a note, she is anemic, she's always sleepy so that makes things even harder to talk to her when she is tired. Which is a lot of the time.
  16. Talking is over rated.

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