Girlfriend dumped me for...

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  1. not cuddling with her.

    We were laying in bed a few hours ago and she we to bed (Works in the AM)
    I was on my lappy and shit perusing the City and Stumbling Upon some always entertaining Rage Comics.

    She wakes up and starts bitching that I left her
    (I had gotten out of bed and was sitting at my desk 2 feet from the bed so I don't wake her)

    Bitches that I love my computer more, than I want to CUDDLE WITH MY COMPUTER and then dumps me for not cuddling with her and proceeds to sleep on the couch.

    I can't tell if this is a sad attempt at manipulation or underlying attention seeking behavior. Either way, this shit's gotta stop or she's gonna have to make like horse shit and hit the trail.
    (Yes, in this story she apparently has but this is ongoing and is over by morning. It is a routine however, that I am sorely tired of taking part in)
  2. haha i doubt shes gunna stick to her guns when she wakes up.. if so fuck that .. crazy bitch..

    but for real, take away my man card if you want, but cuddlins my shitttt
  3. chicks sounds like one of my old ones, needy as all hell. It will get worse, you will see.
  4. Are you dating a 14 year old? Stay far away from that chick.
  5. @TinMan: Not revoking that "Man card" i used to think I liked cuddling... But when she's asking me to cuddle her to sleep, then expects me to lay there until she wakes up... Fuck man I do my most productive thinking at night.
    I like cuddling after sex... but all the time.. FUUUUCK.

    @The3amJunkie: Sounds like some hard earned experience. I don't want to dump this chick, we click really well but she has this terribly needy/manipulative personality. Tons of behavioral displacement, in that she'll think something about herself and project it onto me. Maybe displacement isn't the right word I just finished a joint that I was saving for tomorrow because she got me worked up.

    (She is currently sleeping in the bathroom)

  6. Seriously. Stay far away from her.

  7. ^^^Agreed, hahah

  8. Hopefully you're not just joining the service for the familial benefits.
    You're gonna dislike your career just as much as you disliked your relationship.

    You made a wise decision to end it if it was too much to fix.
    I just have a problem with breaking up over little stuff (Like my girlfriend getting mad at me for not cuddling)
    If you guys had issues with conflicting interests, clashing personalities, or different life goals then yeah, breaking up is the wise thing to do.

    hope it all works out man.
    Shit will be better here in the morning.
    The shitbarometer is rising but by morning the shit storm will pass.

  9. It's both. Manipulating you into giving her attention.

    If you feel like it's worth trying to work it out, then maybe have a calm discussion with her about communication.
    That if she wants you to cuddle with her, she should come out and say something like "hey, when you're done on there, I'd really like it if you would come cuddle with me" rather than throwing a fit, breaking up with you, and sleeping in the goddamn bathroom (wtf?).

    I guess you should probably phrase it nicer though. :p

  10. I couldn't type that sentence without laughing my ass off.
    I considered adding a LOL to the end, but didn't want someone thinking I approve of her doing this.

    She is her own person and can make her own decisions. My personal development is above making her happy all the time. She relies on me for the majority of her happiness (And to get most of what she wants)

    When I type it out I wonder why we're still together.
    I guess it's the emotional similarities we share, but god damn hers can be a lot more troubling.:confused:
  11. Maybe you should get off the computer and spend more time with your woman

  12. It'll work in the morning. She has some intense nightmares and I think they cause her to wake up with a bent out of shape attitude that she takes out on me.
    I used to fight back; i now remain civil and calm. (Sadly, that pisses her off even more)

  13. Well, considering she does most of her bitching when she should be sleeping at night... I find it hard to agree.

    She'd rather argue instead of sleeping for work in the morning.
  14. [quote name='"coalition17"']

    Well, considering she does most of her bitching when she should be sleeping at night... I find it hard to agree.

    She'd rather argue instead of sleeping for work in the morning.[/quote]

    Oh yea didn't see she was sleeping..prob thinks you're sneaking off to jerk it

  15. Fucking +rep for the pro call.

    When she woke up and I was at the desk, this is exactly what she accused me of
  16. 1. How old is this bitch?
    2. She'll probably take you back in 2minutes tops when she wakes up haha

    You were awake, she was asleep. I don't cuddle with my girl while she's asleep, I just play xbox or blaze:smoke:
  17. she sounds like a great fuck

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