Girlfriend Doesn't Want Me To Smoke :[

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mikebot1067, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Well. We started dating 9 months ago. 9 months today might I add :p It has been my longest but toughest relationship ever. When we started dating she asked me not to smoke weed and she would stop smoking cigs. I agreed. I hadn't been smoking that long before it anyways. I quit for 3 months.

    3 months best friend and I needed a ride to this little mall to get some food. He said only if we smoked with him. I agreed to. Let me tell you. After those 3 months...and just smoking a bowl...I was fucked outta my mind. Eyes about to pop outta my head, colors getting blurry, and head floating. I felt so awesome. It was the best feeling ever. I vowed then to never quit weed again. My girlfriend has asked me multiple times to quit and I agree but don't. I love her to death but I just wanna be myself. She always goes "So smoking is aprt of who you are?" I just wanna be like "YEAH BITCH! SO WHAT!?"

    Anyways. She always guilt trips the shit outta me on everything. Half the time we talk I feel like shit. The other times are amazing. I love the girl to death and want to stay with her...but I just wish she shared my passion about smoking.

    If she doesn't start agreeing to me smoking's the boot for her. I am not going to live my life to impress anyone else. Shit...I probably won't even marry her. I don't want to look back and be like "Wow...I quit smoking that long for a chick who I'm not even with anymore? I am a dumbass."

    Any suggestions?

    Oh, and BTW. She used to be in to smoking and she did tons of shit. Then I dunno what happened really. This was before we started dating...but I think she quit cuz her friend's are dumbasses and let weed ruin their lives and fucked up in school and started doing other drugs.
  2. if she doesnt like it then dont do it around her. and if you wanna smoke and she doesnt like it fuck her. obsiously shes not that important to you then.

    hey hey im on alot of pk's so ea. but i love weed so id go with that
  3. the ageold decision of poon or pot?

    Do you want to change for her?
  4. Well...if you keep smoking, what is she going to do about it? If the answer is "leave me," then she's not worth it.
  5. Ask yourself, "Is the pussy better than weed?"... and if it is, than so be it.
  6. just tell her that you love her but you dont think the relationship's gonna last if she keeps lecturin you n shit. just say you enjoy smoking and that it doesnt affect her if you dont smoke around her and you arent high around her.
  7. i think some other dude mighta used this same one in another thread just like this one but here goes anyway

    another chappelle's show quote...

    "man i love weed... but not as much as i love pussy"
  8. The pussy is great and the weed is great. I WANT BOTH! :( And no, I don't want to change for her. I don't want to change for anyone. I wan't to be myself. If I keep smoking...she'll cry and cry and be like "Well then I guess I have to deal with it since you won't change for me," then I get all guilty and I feel like shit. I hate it.
  9. this is odd cause my girl just, for some reason, changed her mind last night and said that she doesn't care if i smoke. as long as there is no dealing, or anything hard. eh, i'll bite.
  10. Lol. My girl went to this big festivel in downtown Seattle called Folk Life and got pretty drunk and was around people who were smoking and she called me and was like..."I'm pretty high and now that I see smoking from a different point of can smoke." You'd think I'd be like "OH AWESOME!" I'm more like "Fuck you." Put me through all that shit and NOW it's ok for me to smoke cuz you did? day she was like "I don't know what I was saying." And I am pissed even more because last night she was pressing in to my mind that she knew what she was talking about. We almost break up the next morning.
  11. yeah man...haha. my girl is graduating this year so she's been out partying when i have to get up early in the morning. she calls me the other night at 2:30 and is all "i'm so drunk right now. i'm standing out in the woods cause i couldn't get service in ____'s house. baby, what if some guy tries to have sex with me tonight?", i get my baseball bat and bum a ride from a friend up to this kid's house. i was so pissed. that was almost the end. ha...luckily, i'm a forgiving guy. (p.s. nobody was hookin up with my lady, she was just drunk and saying dumb shit...i wouldn't just let that shit fly.)
  12. Some sick thing in the back of my mind wouldn't mind my girl cheating on me. a. I get to beat the shit outta someone with a bat and b. i get to dump my girl with no guilt

  13. haha...damn, man. i know the feeling. i mean, she is great at times..but everyone knows what a shitty relationship is like. and one that you just can't seem to get out of.

    and for those of you that don't know what that's like, download "The Nothing Fight" by Dane Cook. you'll get it.
  14. Lie.

    If I may quote Lord of War:

    "In my expirience, some of the most successful relationships are based on lies and deciet, since thats where they usually end up anyway, its a logical place to start."
  15. Lol. Just listened to it. Fucking hilarious.

  16. wow that is the exact same situation im in. exactly. but she smokes with me now about once a month. just keep it downlow.
  17. Dont get me wrong i LOVE weed, i LOVE it .. but not as much as i love pussy ~ Dave Chapelle
  18. Don't be with someone who can't accept you for who you are.
    If you quit smoking for her, what's next? Once she has you off weed then she'll just find something else to bitch about. You should be out having fun with lots of girls, not surrendering your balls to a selfish little bitch.
  19. Lets go with a woman's point of view...Shes definately selfish if she wants you to change for her, no one can ask that of someone else. If you guys fight about it and then you agree to quit but dont and then she finds out...shes gonna be pissed. Reguardless, if she cant accept who you are hand her the walking papers. :D
  20. i've heard of people basically getting snitched on by angry GFs/wives because of messy breakups and consequently getting sent to prison for it. its rough. i wouldnt even take the chance of growing unless i lived alone. i've even heard of a guys daughter snitching on her dad for growing. sad that the government has us narcing on our parents for growing marijuana. "the government is your friend not your evil pot-growing parent."

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