Girlfriend being induced this morning =D

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  1. Just wanted to let fellow blades know the great news I am very excited about =D My girlfriend got induced this morning at 4am. She is doing fine right now. No baby yet but will keep you guys posted. Its a boy, and his name is Aiden =)
  2. Congratulations, man! :hello: hope everything goes well!
  3. Congratulations!!
  4. Congratulations!! :) Good Luck:hello:
  5. Thank You all =)
  6. I hope everything goes well for you. Congratulations!
  7. Have fun they day you catch him smoking! lol It's a real father son bonding experience.
  8. Everything is still going fine. Just a big waiting game. >.< lack of sleep SUCKS haha. Guess i better get used to that.
  9. Congrats man!
  10. Thank you =)
  11. nice! when the time comes, welcome to the world Aiden! and ya the sleep comment is probably dead on ;) good luck though it is an amazin thing for sure :hello:
  12. Woo! Epidoral(sp?) more anger haha (THANK GOD! lol) Shouldn't be too long from now. =)
  13. Congrats bro. Hope everything goes well for you and yours. I have a nephew named Caiden, just thought that was kinda cool
  14. haha yeah i know. I'm already thinkin of the day when i got to show him how to roll a blunt the RIGHT way lol.
    That is pretty cool. Thanks btw. Just sittin here waitin some more haha
  15. congratz man.... u at the hospital right ?
  16. yeah...just hangin out watching The Union on YouTube with my step-mom.
  17. An update but not really an update: Baby SHOULD be here in the next 2-3 hours. =)
  18. make sure you got the catcher's glove ready ;)

    and congrats man
  19. Congrats man! Enjoy not sleeping for the next two years :D
  20. im expecting some sort of pics of this lil one in the morning just so you know

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