Girlfriend and weed.

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  1. I just needed to get my thoughts off my chest.

    Me and my girlfriend have been off and on for 2 years now and she has recently given me the "weed or her" ultimatum. I decided to lie to her and hide it and it was a terribly stupid thing to do in retrospect. It's been a lingering issue for awhile now and I'm afraid the relationship is about over. Everything is awesome about this girl and I care about her a ton, but I never for a second believed I would give up weed for her. I'm 18 and weed has sparked my passion for learning and reading. I love to get stoned and read a book or just walk around in nature and enjoy being in the moment. Weed has made me incredibly motivated towards college and I plan on being a responsible/intellectual stoner for a long time to come.

    Just thought i could get some interesting feedback.
  2. Well;
    Life= sacrifices
    If cannabis, makes a bigger impact on your life and gives you the courage to strive towards success, and the person you want to be at the end of the day then I don't see why you would stop.?
    Your young it seems and love waits, if the girl can't accept what you truly believe, gives you courage then drop her. Find someone for you. You pick and choose how you live, no one else.
  3. Fuck a female

    Money over bitches cuz money buys WEED
  4. She is just pissed off that you are spending your money on bud, and not on her...
  5. fuck her dude, you're doing something basically harmless to your body that makes you kick back and relax and enjoy yourself. if she wants to get rid of that, get rid of her
  6. Get rid of her dude. The second she tries to change you she should be out of your life.
  7. honestly I think you should try your best to explain to her why you love it..and maybe even show her this post..ask her questions of why you need to give it up? and whats so wrong with it? do plenty of research to show her that its really not even bad..because if you truly ever cared like you say you do you won't just dump her to the side like these guys are saying..they prob do not know what its like to have strong feelings for someone yet (no offense guys) try your best to open her eyes or maybe even just try it once before you decide to call it quits and yes sometimes love means compromising so if convincing her doesn't work try to compromise and if in return you get nothing then yea of course its best to move on because you are who you are & if shes not willing to understand even a little then maybe its whats best..hope this helps =]
  8. Tell her you're choosing weed, then take a photo of her reaction and paste it in this thread.
  9. I second this.
  10. I had the same thing happen years back.I hid it too, got caught, and basically told her that i smoked before i met her and ill smoke after she leaves.Needless to say, ive been with her 14years....kinda wish she woulda bounced:D
  11. Sometimes a lot of bitches don't want you to have fun
  12. If you guys have been on and off for two years, it's probably easier, and less stressful to both of you if you just choose weed over her
  13. Unless there having fun
  14. Exactly.. So take GC's advice and break up with the women your crazy about, and start selling weed :rolleyes:
  15. What is her logic behind giving you the ultimatum?
    I can relate to her, being the non-stoner girl in a stoner friendship/relationship.

    If she's arguing that it's bad or not healthy, there is plenty of reseach that you can show her. Take time to explain that to her.

    If it's about money, and she feels like you never want to take her out, or would rather spend all your money on weed instead of her, then hell, take her out. You don't have to go all out or take her to the fanciest resturant, but spending a littlebit of money on her occassionaly will not break you or deplete your stash.

    If it's about time spent with her, then that could be her problem. Weed is part of your lifestyle, and she shouldn't try to change that or give you an ultimatum. I personally can enjoy hanging out with my guy when he's stoned, and there's no reason I should try to change him.

    All things in moderation, even girls and weed.
  16. It sucks ass but I do feel a huge sense of relief mixed in with these shitty feelings. No more hiding and I can be totally open about my views on cannabis and the war on drugs in general. Shitty way to end things though but it's a lesson, I know what kind of lifestyle I want to live and I need an open minded and creative girl.
  17. Yo man the only thing I'm gonna tell you is that you're wasting your time with this girl if she seriously wants to be that in control of your life. She just wants to feel that sense of power over you, and making you quit smoking is her way of doing that.

    Dude, just keep smoking and don't do it directly in front of her if you're so pressed to keep the relationship with her. But IMO, just keep her as friends with benefits and just have someone else on the side so if it goes wrong, there's a second option and a smooth transition away from her. It's a win win.
  18. She had a bad experience with it and she told me 'if i didn't like it because it was green then you should still quit' which is bullshit.
  19. Yeah, that doesn't make sense at all.

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