Girlfriend and high problems.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by smoke da weed, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. When I am high, I never want to be around my girlfriend. Just thinking about her texting me and wanting to talk makes me think "I don't wanna do it at all." I know this is the problem because many times while high I said I was about done, then decided to come back after high and "talk about it."

    When I first started smoking I was always alone, always wanted to try it but since I was just getting into it I didn't know anyone to smoke with.

    I smoke more to relax and not jump around and go out with friends acting crazy. Yea I will talk and not just sit there like in those "Above The Influence" ads, I like going on drives and stuff but I don't want a girl hanging on me asking me about clothes and plays.

    She on the other hand wants sex and then bam talking about the future and all that riff-raff. Just about every phone call while I'm high ends with "I have to go, some of the guys just called" plainly because I don't wanna hear about it.

    Call me crazy but I need some help here. I don't wanna tell her it's because I'm high and don't care, but then again I need to let her know some how. She knows I smoke, and she use to but whenever I bring it up she just kinda changes the topic or shrugs it off as if she is uncomfortable about it.

    All advice is greatly appreciated for my relationship issue. :eek:
  2. Maybe she just somehow doesn't like to smoke. :smoke:

    As for your situation here, how do you feel about her? Do you feel like your in love with her? Or do you just feel like she's someone there to occupy you, or possibly someone that annoys you half the time?
  3. is your relationship moer than sex OP?
  4. It is not more than sex but she is wanting it to be, thus coming up with the topics of hanging out more when I am just wanting to get a nut. No disrespect ladies, I would like to date her but she is very pushy and wanting to speed things up when I am more of a "go with the flow."
  5. dont do what i did.. about a month ago my girl kept texting me askin me to talk, and tellin me to quit smoking, and i told her i was gonna finish what i had then stop for her, and she kept asking me the SAME EXACT question over and over, so i sent a text back "jesus shut the fuck up, i told u im quitting already"

    i broke up with her like a week later, but still she got super pissed haha

  6. dude if she thinks it's something serious and you don't, i would recommend discussing that soon. you're causing a shit storm that's not worth it by dragging this girl along.
  7. We talk and like eachother, when I'm sober I can't stand being without her, it's almost as if weed itself causes me to be anti-social.

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