Girlfriend always tries to fuck me right after i smoke?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by soserious, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Lol so my girlfriend doesn't smoke. And everytime i smoke she gets mad at me.

    But the last few times i smoked and came to her house she got like super horny. She started humping me and was like "fuck me. omg i want you. Why don't you want me when you're high???"

    I pushed her off of me but then we ended up having sex.

    Then today the same thing happened. She jumped all over me and we went at it for like an hour when she first came to my house. Then when we went to her cousins house me and her cousin smoked again. When i came back she jumped on me and was saying how she wanted me. In front of her cousin. She was taking it WAY over the top so i hope she was playing around. But she actually tried to pull out my dick and suck it. And she was really tryna get me to fuck her... in front of her cousin. Her cousins a girl.

    I'm thinking maybe she gets like a contact high off of me? She always starts giggling and acting really ditzy/horny. And she'll say how "i don't want her when i'm high" But she'll be like throwing herself at me.
  2. Yep. Sounds like she's trying to get a contact high from your ejaculate. Not sure what the question is here.
  3. Like is that normal? Why do you think she is doing it? Does she have a contact high off of just my clothes? Or is she acting retarded?
  4. [quote name='"soserious"']Like is that normal? Why do you think she is doing it? Does she have a contact high off of just my clothes? Or is she acting retarded?[/quote]

    I think your girlfriend may or may not have down syndrome.
  5. "I pushed her off of me but then we ended up having sex."

    Dude- I laughed SOOOO hard when i read that line after the first paragraph about her humping you-

    Nicely done-

    for the record- i would guess she is either getting a contact high- or is pretending to be all party-bop to try and make YOU more interesting when you're high.
  6. [ame=]Family Guy's Stewie Griffin - Down's Syndrome Girl - YouTube[/ame]
  7. I say smoke more until you see negative effects.
  8. I often wonder if there's a surge in the release of pheromones when we're high...

    Then again, maybe you're a better lover while you're stoned...
  9. So what's the problem?
  10. Shes jealous of the MJ....youve got a problem :laughing:
  11. [quote name='"TesseLated"']Shes jealous of the MJ....youve got a problem :laughing:[/quote]

    This made me lol.
  12. R U gay?

    but seriously, While she shouldnt have done that shit in front of her cuz, maybe she did get a little contact high. Do you think she would normally do that shit in front of her cousin if she was sober?

    I can't really say, because I have never met this girl.
  13. I was thinking that could be it. Cuz i don't even pay attention to her when i'm high. I just wanna watch movies. Or play a game. Not really talk or anything.
    Could also be true. I was faded the first time we hooked up. And i notice that every time we do it and i'm high she gets CRAZY horny. like she will beg for it. And get way wetter. And just be super into it. But when i'm sober she just tries to tease me.
  14. I dont get it :/
  15. Since when is being macked on by your girlfriend annoying? In the situation with her cousin, I'd probably just tell her that we need some alone time lol.
    If jealousy causes that.. I'ma go make my gf jealous. :ey:

    OP, um I definitely don't think it's normal. But maybe she read up on how it makes sex feel better. And then after the first time she tried it, you were so fucking good while high that she just can't get enough of it. :confused_2:
  16. Bro fuck her, its just pussy
  17. The thing is even though its annoying at first. Eventually i get horny as shit. So its not even like its blowing my high. I love high sex.
    Whenever she spends the night at my house she brings her cousin. So that if her parents call she can say she is with her cousin. She is 18 but her mom is super strict and basically told her she will be kicked out if she is alone with me. So we don't have sex in front of her cousin. But we do do it in a different room a lot. And when have done it in the room while her cousin was asleep.

  18. Heres my suggestion?

    Involve her in your stoney ritual-

    have her pick out something she thinks the stoned you/her will dig watching while getting baked-

    then have her tell you funny shit/ about stuff she thinks would be interesting while you blaze (which IN MY OPINION will save you bud- because you will get more pleasantly high faster- and have a righteous buzz from the vibe)

    If she still goes all kitty-catnip on your crotch- you can still do your thing- but then watch whatever she had picked out and ready to go (or video game/walk to cool scenery/ night out somewhere clubs/bowling)

    [and replace any of those suggestions with things that are your style- i just tried to give a wide variety of random examples]
  19. She doesn't smoke though. She like hate smoking. I smoked her up once on 420 she ate like half a plate of nachos with like a whole thing of sourcream and salsa. And thats a TON of food for her.

    Then she got super horny and we had sex all night lol. But shes not really fun while high. All she does is get hungry and horny and pass out. She doesn't talk she just stares.

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