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Girl with long tongue on youtube

Discussion in 'General' started by Dum Dum Boy, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. She looks like she'd be good at eating girls out lol :cool:...or blowjobs i guess
  2. Damnn shes sexy, definitely gives amazing blow jobs :smoke:
  3. God...Damn....

    She could lick your balls WHILE she sucks your cock.

    Do want.
  4. i'm more interested int he girl who fit a whole banana down her throat with a smile on her face...do want.
  5. Have you seen that Gif of a girl who pulls like a foot long dildo out of her throat?!

    OMG,that shit is fucking HOT!

  6. haha i know do you want the full vid? she got some nice titties >=]
  7. So I guess no one knows her name?
  8. ......................I like this girl for some reason. It's 'weird', but I like it.
  9. I know.someone has that gif post that shit for lulz.
  10. the one with the dildos
  11. i'm in love.
  12. If anyone thinks this girl is sexy, you are sad as hell.


    She honestly looks retarded as hell.
  13. Cause your opinion is the only one that is right and matters.


  14. after watching this video... led me to some booty videos all of a sudden NO bullshit i was thinking that girl kowai has a bangin body!! haha scroll down and there you are first post, coincidence maybe... weird, a bit! even weirder that im gonna request an updated booty pic to my inbox most definitely! :D

    anyway this chick is sexy and the fact she does not give a fuck that she looks "retarded" makes her even more attractive!

    nothing like those late nights with GC! :hello:
  15. wtf is this girl doing liek she suckin an invisible dick
  16. The vibes she's sending to my penis

  17. #18 Danceswithjuub, Apr 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2012


    are we watching the same video.
    this girl is moving her tongue around like some cheap camwhore to the beat of a shitty, over-played Avicii song.

    my opinion is not that of the lowest common denominator of human kind, no.

    Found this, thought it might be up your alley. Pretty hot no? Could fit the cock and balls inside.

  18. That girl and her tongue gave me douche chills. Could only watch about 15 seconds.
  19. bj machine

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