Girl with hairy asshole?

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    I dry heaved at this.  LOL
    I'm not talking a skanky or nasty smell, but the natural scent (I'll call it a scent, not a smell) of a woman is intoxicating. 

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    If it smells bad she prob has a yeast infection

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  3. I didnt know you could get hair on the actual hole.

    My ass is hairy as all get up, But not a single hair on the stink button.

    As for the issue at hand.... meh, Im not interested in anal or Rim Jobs, and wouldnt partake in either unless the girl really wanted me to, so I guess I dont have much of an opinion on the matter.

    Hair in general, not a big deal, as long as we arent talking demi moore from the 80s bush, if you havent seen the pic, do a google (not google images) search for demi moore bush, it should be the first result
  4. This is a funny ass thread 
    Alil peach fuzz is understandable but DARK Thick ones nahhh not happen my girls smart enough to know when to borrow my Gillette fusion trimmer.
    If a bitch doesn't shave then not my type you nigs can keep your jungle bitchs.
  5. i personally leave my hairs as they are. im not hairy and hate shaving prickly feeling hairy females are ok as long as they are clean . no surprises when i pull out...

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  6. get rid of it homie.
    That is kind of what all 80's girls looked like.
    I remember hanging out at the pool in the summer and all the guys were scouting for the sight of a pube peeking out of a girl's suit.  Then they would have to roll over and lay on their stomach to hide their boner.
  8. Now I wasnt alive in the 80s, so I cant 100% argue

    But, so hairy you cant even see the vagina, and makes a thong of hair while your at it, seems a little overkill
    Back then we were living the dream to even see/feel a real vagina and since they were all like that we didn't have anything else to compare them to.
    Yup...that hairy. I had a Red headed gym teacher that wore those short OP shorts, and it looked like she had this motherfucker
    Climbing out her womb
  11. This thread just proves that the median age on this site is around 17.
  12. Only if you know basic math.
  13. Man, you let your woman trim HER cutter with YOUR razor? Are you playin some shady game where you like the stink but no hair? Its like you just can't get enough of her aroma so you like to catch a hint off your razor the odd time as you shave your moustache. :confused:  

  14. damn the 80s was fucked up
  15. [​IMG]
    Speak for yourself...I love a woman with a bush.
  16. Lol @ lennys happy face
  17. Or maybe it's cause I like anal ?
  18. That's exactly what I do! How'd you know!
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    I get shaving but.. I shave it all sometimes. For the most part I shave everything but a long triangle. Like honestly having a little hair is not an awful thing. Just trim do it's not am octopus. And if she forgets to shave her crack, get over it. I mean we are human. We have hair.

    Don't judge.-_-

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  20. Op I envision you as a really really hairy dude.

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