Girl with hairy asshole?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Omega369, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Everyone was Harry till 1999.

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  2. This thread is hiiiilarious.
    As for me, I like pussy. Don't care how it comes. If I had carte blanche, I'll request a neat trim. I'd be rethinking my decisions if she had a goat tail coming out from behind, but otherwise, let's not waste time talking. It's time for business.
    Been with a few girls who had funky designs shaved in. Always found that hot.
  3. Didn't even know they made girls with hairy assholes
  4. Yeah you'd think it would have been bred out.
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    seen one once. looked away and plugged it.... was cute female but had  some hairs on her hole..
  6. Lol at everyone saying that another persons preferences are immature.
  7. Most girls get Brazilian bikini waxes so you wouldn't think they had hair on their asshole, but the reality is they are human and it grows naturally. Lmao some bitches get their ass bleached on top of the wax.
    You young guys who have only experienced "shaved" have never experienced the scent and taste of a real woman.  It has all been sanitized by the removal of the hair.  Probably going to gross a few of you out here, but the hair captures some of the sweat and scent of her and it is musky and quite nice.  We are still mammals and even though we don't go around smelling each others butts on the sidewalk, we still are aroused by the true scent of the opposite sex.. 
    Same here.  Came into puberty in the late 70's early 80's and spent many an hour whacking it to pictures of bush and boobs.  That was all there was to see.  I guess that is what is imprinted in my brain as an image that I am supposed to get turned on by, so a woman with a bush automatically gets me going.
    This is not to say I don't enjoy shaved on occasion, but it is more about it as a novelty than a regular thing.
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    Same... I actually prefer a little hair on the vagina. Most shave because they think men don't like it. And idk if women like hairy around cocks. So I always shave if I'm gonna hang out with a chick or in a relationship with one.
  10. Here's a pretty girl with a hairy asshole
    Get rid of that hairy asshole lady. He's a putz!
  11. I don't intend to go anywhere near a girl's asshole, so I couldn't imagine having a preference. But I generally like my girls shaven (or at least trimmed). Can't stand getting hair in my mouth haha, so if their sweet spot looks like a carpet they ain't getting oral. 
    It's weird though, cause I hate having too much hair down there myself. Just think both guys and girls look alot better when they aren't 'natural'.
  12. I hate when girls try to dictate what's attractive to men... No bitch, we know what we find attractive. Hair anywhere on your body is definitely not hot. Would I fuck a girl who has hair in some places? Yes, but I'm gonna prefer a girl without it if I had the choice.

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  13. I'd still show that asshole some love :ey:
  14. yea i see what you mean, my lady has more like a peach fuzz of very fine, almost invisible blond hairs...but ive seen some hairy ass assholes.
  15. so if im banging a fat hairy stinking munter i should just be grateful? Fuck that man

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  16. Of you're banging someone you don't like mentally or physically... I would say you have a problem

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    One of my recent sex partners said exactly the same thing, that he only goes for bush because that scent is one thing that gets him off.. That natural musky smell of a man or a woman still triggers that deep down animal attraction. I agree. Can not stand when guys wear cologne, makes my nose itchy. Some men .. I want to just suck up their scent it is so pleasing.
    I grew up around in a time that pubic hair was a sign of sexual maturity. When body hair was not the be all and end all.
    To each their own and all, but if you think a chick is not worth your time because she has body hair, you are not worth hers.
  18. i dry heaved at this man
  19. haha i agree with the man. i'm not sure about taking it as far as musky, but I like the scent of a pussy. I dont wear deodorant theres definitely two stages to body odor.  I couldn't handle some dank ass gunt with leg cheddar smeared through out it. 
  20. I'm not a fan of body hair. I guess the only way is to wax it off, right? How does someone shave their
    Omega, you've done worse I don't see why the hairy asshole bothered you. You're a really odd human being haha.

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