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Girl wants to hang out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frosty russian, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Ok so ive been talking to this girl for a week now. Day and night non-stop. She said she wants to hang out but like ive never met her before (we met on fb) she wants to hang out nd bring a friend. Idk how to tell her i want it to just be me nd her. Or should i just let the friend tag along the first time and for the second time ask for it to be just me nd her? Btw i dont wanna smoke with her the first time. Any advice guys? Thanks
  2. i'm scared of girls so i can't help you with this
  3. Just bring a freind and before hand ask him if he can leave after like an hour. Tell him you owe him a favor then
  4. She would probably feel less awkward if she had a friend with her, maybe you could bring your friends and i'll bring my friends and we can be friends.
  5. I would hang with the girl and her friend first to build some trust. She wants to bring her for a reason lol
  6. Yea don't smoke with her if your hanging out for the first time but for me I clarify if they're against it as part of the getting to know each other process haha. But her bringing a friend is just so it isn't awkward and if it is they'll at least be with their friend. If her friend is hot maybe ask her if your buddy could tag along too. Bro points haha
  7. threesome!!!!
  8. just let her bring her cause if her friend like you then your deff going to be taping that girl your talking to
  9. im scared of girls so im no help here...

  10. How do you know its not because she wants to have a three way dude!!!
  11. Seriously, it's a good thing she wants to bring a friend. Have a good time.
  12. my vote is go expecting it to be awkward. thats how all that shit starts. her friend has to approve of you before she will go anywhere alone with u . u could be some old dude thats faking a fb acct.
    for all we know u could be some old dude faking a gc acct... oh my gawd..... i just shit my pants.... gotta go...
  13. Beat me to it. God damnit.
  14. I tape so many girls.:cool:
  15. Is her friend a guy or a girl? If it's a girl and they don't smoke you should bring a friend. If they do smoke go yourself and, you know, smoke and go from there.

    If it's a guy don't bother going.
  16. She wants to bring a friend so that it isn't like an awkward first meeting. I suggest you also bring a friend, but let her know before hand so everything's kosher. Just make sure your friend knows how to play wingman, don't bring a spastic, or anyone embarrassing in general.
  17. If you met her on fb and not in person how do you even know its a girl??
  18. Let her bring her friend and bring one of yours, it'll ease it all and make things a lot less awkward. Why not smoke the first time? :smoke:
  19. Good looks guys. Btw her friend is a girl so its good.
  20. 20 bucks says you get robbed and/or beat

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