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Girl wants to hang out but never calls

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Schmokemo, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Aight so I know this girl I'm trying to get with and we've hung out a few times and had fun but I'm a little confused. Every time we have hung out I have had to call her because she never calls me. I'm confused if she wants me because she never calls but when I ask her if she wants to hang out she says she wants to and if she's busy she always says she would love to and suggests another day. Is this a problem cause everytime I have to call her if I want to hang out and I really don't want to seem pushy.
  2. Sounds like she's playing hard to get.
  3. i would say layoff a bit and if she is still interested she will contact you in some way, dont completely blow her off but play her game if thats how it is.
  4. Dude, buy her a nice gold necklace and a rose, then write her a poem depicting her beautiful qualities

  5. lmao...

    relationships are weird... i dont understand people:(...
  6. Understand I was joking :p, I think you figured that much :rolleyes:
  7. if she wants to hangout and suggests other days when she's busy and goes through with it, i'd say she's into you.
    she could just not feel comfortable calling people. i never call people.
    doesn't mean anything other than i don't like calling people. :confused_2:
  8. Another thing, when we do eventually hang out again what's a good way to make a move on her and let her know I'm down to fuck?
  9. truth be told brotha
  10. I'm not sure if I'm just in the friend zone or not we haven't really talked about it but I have known her for a long time. Plus she has told me that she thinks I'm hot and she did take her shirt off in front of me once so idk
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    This is EXACTLY what the girl I'm into right now did at first. She's playing hard to get. It's probably for one of the following reasons: she enjoys the attention and knowing that you're into her, OR she's afraid to be more into you than you are into her so she takes it completely the opposite way, OR she's not that into you. I know it's tough but don't play into it. I totally did at first, then when I started acting sick of it and didn't call for a couple weeks, she finally made the effort to hang out. Now she's into me :). And MY GOD she's beautiful...
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    I recognize this situation COMPLETELY! My ex-girlfriend was exactly the same. We had a "relationship", as she named it. She always laid the initiative with me. I was always the one calling for a date, or just to speak with each other. It was a very difficult situation - I loved her, so I wouldn`t *dump* her, but this asked to much of me. It felt like a one way relationship. Like I was the one who made all the offers, just to keep her happy.

    When we had that relationship, I was like nineteen, or so. She was christian, so she wanted no sex before marriage. I didn't like that, but accepted it. It was my first relationship, so I thought something like "hey, I survived nineteen years without sex, so a couple more couldn't hurt that bad". And I loved her, so I toke it for granted. But three months, seeing her lovely face, body, mind and spirit, was so hard. I could touch her, she didn't mind, as long as we didn't have any sex, or things involving the intimate parts.

    It made me sad, and happy at the same time. I had a girlfriend, but it toke so much of me, I was the one that made all the offers. After a few months, I ended our relationship. She was so mad, she didn't wanted to hear that she put nothing into our relationship, while realizing it was the truth.

    At the moment, I look back at a few wonderful years, with some more healthy relationships.

    All I want to say is, think about it. Is the relationship giving you more pleasure than bad times? Then stay in it. Otherwise, think about it, and maybe talk to her about it. Every person differs, just as every relationship is not the same...
  13. Thanks to this idea, i have got laid 13 times in the last day! Thanks GrahamBag!

  14. Lay some fucking game down!
  15. Sounds like she's playing hard to get.

    Dont play games back. Tell her that if she wants to chill, she has to make an effort too, or else you're not going to give a shit. Girls like tough love.
  16. She just probably doesnt like taking action...high matinence, idk how to spell that lol
  17. Now this is the shit that just doesnt make sense. So I saw her around town today and she says hi but she was kind of busy and had to be somewhere. So as she walks away she turns around and smiles and gives me the "call me" sign. So later I call her and no answer and she still hasnt called back. What the hell.
  18. give her time, dude. not everyone's life revolves around their phone...
  19. Soooo true, sooo true. You should really lay off calling her. Next time you try to make plans seem unavailable. Make her want to hang out with you, don't let her get tired of you avaliability. The amount of times you call her isn't going to increase her desire to be with you, she will still want to see you - maybe even more so if you aren't always around to hangout with. This girl is playing hard to get, she likes the attention and knows you'll give it to her, don't let it get to you, don't let it fuck with your head...
  20. I remembered another thing I did that helped:

    One time we were gonna go to the beach and she tells me pretty last minute that she can't go and asks if we can do it on tuesday. I replied "I'm not gonna count on it but if you wanna call me and see if I'm around go for it."

    It let her know without being too rude that I don't like being flaked on and that I'm not gonna put up with it. She hasn't done it since and the games she used to play have stopped. Try something like that if she flakes or whatever.

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