Girl Wants Me To Change Myself For Her Family

Discussion in 'General' started by TheCoolest420, May 22, 2013.

  1. So my friend owns this club downtown. I get vip passes to all the parties. My girl wants me to take her sisters and a couple cousins.

    I have never met anyone in her family. I guess she doesnt want me smoking. Or sagging. Or doing any drugs. Or dancing too crazy. Like wtf? Im not a party animal but i do me.

    I have hurt her a lot in the past and i owe her. And i know she wants her family to like me. But should i.act like a square just for them.
  2. I dont think she wants you to change for good? Just make a good impression on her family. Whats wrong with that?
  3. Yea I really don't think she wants you doing drugs around her family. Lol Just bullshit. 
  4. You're tripping mane. Just act like you're well behaved for the first family meeting, I think that's expected in most relationships.
  5. Those are all very reasonable expectations. She just wants you to act well around them, and you should want to since they're going to be super critical of you regardless. She's not at all asking you to change yourself, just your behavior while you're around her family so that you don't come off as disrespectful and such. Unless you define your whole person by your saggy pants, I think you'll survive.  ;) 
  6. Smack her momma, take your pants off, and get WASTED. yea man!
  7. There's nothing square about being a classy likable gentleman. Most parents are in the "drugs and saggy pants and hippity hop are bad" generation, especially when someone is deep dicking their daughter. Even just meeting with her cousins in the same age range, they're going to be judging you and bad opinions move faster than bounced checks. Or they could be saggy pants, drugs, crazy dancing fans and they'll love you!? Maybe this is a chance for some self reflection instead of getting offended and feeling attacked like your identity is going to be taken away. People and styles change, and it's usually influnced by an outside source. To paraphrase what ken said... What's more important? Saggy pants and drugs and humping in public or this girl?

    I know no one is perfect, especially not me, but shouldn't the whole world try not to be disrespectful because it's the right thing to do? Not just to get some pussy or because you owe her for whatever reason? I promise you'll get great pussy (or dick, ken) that you can proudly take home to your parents if you are a gentleman. (Unless your parents dont care, but I doubt that.)

    I've been in these situations, and I usually grin and bear it if its worth it in the end, but if your girlfriend wants you to hide who you are, she is ashamed of you in some small way or thinks her family will be ashamed of her for dating you. Thats not a good place to be if you expect to have a healthy relationship with her and her family. If you're not willing to submit, and don't mind her parents not liking you, then be who you want to be. Im all about individualism! But it's not unreasonable for her to ask, we all have to play the game to get what we want.

    Also, goddamn I hate saggy pants! If you were dating my daughter I would totally think less of you, no matter how much of a fake nice guy personality you put on. Even If you were the perfect boyfriend and your only fault was saggy pants. I'm aware that is totally irrational.
  8. Just do it.that's the selfless thing to do. you guys can go out and act an ass the next night.
  9. this.
    damn. i wish Rep was still around. damn. 
    I agreed with your post. This definately stands out. Just because I don't understand it doesn't make it bad, but it still begs the question as to WHY the fuck anyone would sag. :smoke:
  11. NO sagging of the pants?!?! I picture this.
  12. Idk, just act nice. And if you wanna smoke, smoke outback. And just don't drink too heavy that night, and you'll be good. And if they don't like you? fuck it, your banging their daughter.

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