Girl wants "Break" I LOVE HER!

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    So recently I've met this girl, and I TRULY love her, I know you guys will say..what? Only 2 months, but i can assure you this is real. I am the first guy she's ever told she loved..but i've came into a problem.. today she approached me (she's a senior) and was telling me how her Calculus was grade has dropped since were dating.

    Her mom convinced her that it was my fault, since we spend so much time together, and she never had time to study (which personally I think is bullshit). But today, she said she needed a break so she could get her grades, and life back together. But now, she says it's not only her grades, it's the fact that this summer we will barely see each other, since she will be on a mission trip, and I will be visiting relatives.

    So we won't really see each other this summer, and apparently she can't date a guy she wouldn't GC I'll admit, I played the guilt trip on her, because I was really really hurt, but she was to.. it hurt her to do this, she was crying basically all day after it happened. And when I played the guilt trip on her, she asked me I wanted to be with her or break, I said be with her OFCOURSE.
    And she says, okay. So as of right now we're together, but I feel bad because I think she really needs time to think.

    So my question is should I let her go, and if i do you think she will come back to me? I sure hope so, because I can't imagine myself with any other girl right now. Please no childish comments i really am asking for advice.. thanks.
  2. you should support her in helping her calculus grade go up if you really care about her.
    if that means not seeing her for a little bit less well... deal with it shit that's life you can't go around seeing people all day everyday not when people have shit to do
  3. hmm when I girl says I need a "break" I always assume breakup.

    my ex did that to me then after teh break she said nope its over.
  4. ^thats what im afraid of.

  5. fear shouldn't hold you two together.
  6. Solution: Do homework together.
  7. If she's a Senior, what "grade" are you in? Would it be possible to study together like Fenton suggested?:smoke:
  8. sounds like she wants to ride on some new meat.
  9. That's not a bad idea.
  10. i believe that's called infatuation.
  11. Just gonna let you know, you're young, this shit happens to a lot of young kids like yourself. You're not in love. "Okay, as of now, we're back together." The fact that it had to be announced is just shows immaturity. No one really does that at an older age.

    No matter what, you're on break. At your age, at that distance, its already concidered a break. You're young, why waste your time waiting on someone that you'll eventually break up with anyway? Waste of time. Major waste.
  12. At the ripe "old" age of anything-teen, I believe you are absolutely right.

    Regardless, take this one thing at a time. SHOW her parents that you're willing to help with her grades and studying. After school is over, then you can worry about the summer issues and being together after that.
  13. Break means she is already sleeping with someone else.
  14. Its senior year, aslong as she graduates she should be fine for college.
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    Hahahaha!!! funny stuff:D

    I tried to say that too, but it came across all dick like so I just didn't.

    And, we have a winner, that is exactly what break means.

    Teens like to fuck....and they do that. I did. When me and my high school girlfriend would take breaks...every single time it was cause some new guy came along and told her stuff she wanted to hear yadda yadda and she'd drop trou for him. I still don't know why I ever stuck it out with her...OH yeah, she like to fuck. If she ever knew that though she'd be so pissed at me for more than what she is currently pissed at me for, which was just being a dick.
  16. plus girls will lie. maybe it is actually homework issues but it could also be that she is using that as an excuse to breakup.
  17. Well, thank you for your input, but I can assure you that this is not the case. You definitely can't just assume this is true.
  18. Yeah, unfortunately for you, you can not assure me anything. Do you have a gps tracker locked to her ankle keeping track of what she's doing every minute of every day? I honestly don't know if I want to know the answer to that question. But for the sake of your sanity we'll say no you don't. Therefore you do not know what she is doing when she is not with you.

    Just because she says one thing does not exclude the very real possibility that she is doing something completely different.

    BUT! I hope for the sake of your emotions you feel for this girl that she's not doing those things. And if you think she's not, than I think that too.
  19. If she wants to break up then that is her choice. I guarantee there is more reasons for her, it is hard to be honest about the "real reasons". Either way, you are most likely too young to worry about long term relationships. My advise is let her go, and don't do anything to ruin your friendship. If it is meant to be, then you will end up together. Unless you fuck it up with some bullshit fight of something. I'm not telling you to give up if there is still hope, but it sounds like she already made the decision to end it. If you truly love somebody, then you would want them to be happy no matter if they are with you or not.

  20. We've actually had in-depth conversations about her sexual life. I know she's not like that, just because in your case your girlfriend liked to fuck, doesn't mean that this is the case here.

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