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Girl trouble...PLEASE HELP!!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BillyBong737, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone, how is everyone night goin??? mine is pretty shitty. i was inforemd that my x-gf is goin out with another guy, why do i care you ask??? i have no clue, that is my best answer., let me give you a little insight, we went out for like 13 monthes and i did nothin but care for this girl, i took cae of her kid and her when she didnt have a place to live, i helped her find an apartment, and she acted like i did nothin for her. i did evereything for that girl, i put aside all my priorities so i could get hers in order and she just goes and grabs someone else because she cant live her life without someone by her side. thats fucked up in my eyes and it makes me believe that i cant trust anyone ever again....has anyone ever gona throwugh this, its the worst, its you love the girl so much but you hate her at the same time, especially when you know its over and youy know the new guy is gonna treat her like shit. all i can say is that is really sad....its really is...

  2. Don't sweat it man. She'll probably come back after she sees how good you were to her. Here's the part where i say a bunch of cliches/maxims/ quotes:

    it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before.

    if you love someone, set them free... and then they'll return if they love you or something... i forgot that one

    dont worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright (marley of course)

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  3. Dude, I don't know how much help we can give you here. All of us old folks here have been married for what seems like forever and hell I still don't understand women. But, they can't figure us guys out either.
  4. BPP has got it right......don't try to figure it out reasonably,or logical,,you will never do it....ever,,,and you will just endlessly beat yourself up trying...

  5. Been there, done that man. Just stop trying to figure it out and you'll be much happier. She'll come back if she wants, but shit has to be mutual if you know what I mean.
  6. thats how im lookin at it now, im not gonna let her rain on my parade. shes not worth it anyways, thanks for the advice peeps

  7. hey man don't let it bother you. I know it sounds cold and I know you are thinking 'yeah thats easy for you to say'. And it is. But I was in a very similar situation a while ago and I was with my girl for even longer, so I know what its like to have everyone you talk to say 'yeah it will be okay in time' and all that bullshit. But to be honest, it really is. My girl was with me for i think almost two years when we broke up, she said she needed to work personal shit out, but then she couldn't be without someone so she got with some random nobody for a month. I helped her though more than is even explainable, and this is what i got. But after a while she started talking to me again, and realized all I've done for her and totally 180'd and now shes convinced im the one for her.

    I'm not saying this will happen for you, but one of two things will happen; Either she will come to her senses and realize everything you have done for her and come back; or she won't, and you will realize that because of this, it's simply not meant to be. If she can't appreciate everything you have done for her, she really isn't worth your time. Really, is a lifetime of thankless support really what you are looking for in a mate? Hope it all works out for you, bro. Hang in there and keep tokin :D
  8. hey man like the past year i was going through all sorts of shit like that, its hard but all you can do is get high. well i was on probation all last yr so not being able to smoke made it so much worse. I really hope things work out for you.

    i had a girl cheat on me then so we broke up (even though i still wanted to try to work shit out), and about a week later she was dating someone else. I never really got over it but i got over it enough to date again almost a year later. Now i'm with a girl i love more than anyone else i've ever been with. I just found out like a month ago that my ex was sorry and wants to go out again and shes trying to break me and my new girl up. I love my ex but i still wouldn't take her back even if i wasn't with someone else. i dunno its some crazy shit because my girl and my ex are friends (or were i dunno now).
  9. All I got to say is..... A bitch is a bitch......A dog is mans best friend!!!! Don't stress the minor shit, as long as you got your boys still with you, ya got nothin to worry about, they'll get you through all the shit. theres a lot more fish in the sea brotha!
  10. with the song,

    " Broken Hearts Are For Assholes"
  11. "Bitches aint shit but ho's and tricks"...except for the nice ones

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