Girl stood me up.

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  1. So this really cute girl who I've hung out with about 5 times over the last year has been texting me asking me to hang out with her almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. She had the day off today and we decided we were gonna hang out today about a week ago. Around the time we were supposed to hang out today her friend posts on my wall and goes "were here but you're not :(" I stay at 2 different houses so I figured they were at the other one. I texted the girl I was supposed to hang out with and told her where I was. No text back or anything. By now I've already said fuck it. Why do girls do this? SHE was texting me telling me she was excited and all this shit. Lol I'm not trippin too bad over it but it is annoying...
  2. Its called miscommunication. happens all the time everywhere in the world. you have 2 choices. blame her for being a dumbass. or blame yourself for not making the plan tight enough like mission impossible style. a lot of guys aren't willing to go the extra mile, and if you're one of those, then get used to lots of disappointment in your life regarding women.
  3. Lol I'll stick to blaming her for being a dumbass. +rep for you for not being a douchebag and actually replying to my thread. I want advice/outlooks.
  4. I couldn't argue this logic if I had to. Well stated. :hello:
  5. girls can be complicated like that -- don't stress it though OP. but if she does that shit again, cut her off. it ain't worth it.
  6. it is not worth.
  7. lol so your gonna blame her over a miscommunication good luck with future girls then, unless she blatantly stood you up which by the sounds of it she didn't cos she messaged you then your both at fault: you for not being specific and her for rocking up to the wrong place and not replying to your message.
  8. No her FRIEND messaged me...she never even bothered to text me and still hasnt. She's already cut off and I married her friend on Facebook lol...
  9. Thats pretty immature bro... Also judging by your text messages from another thread, you have a lot of growing up to do.
  10. It says you've been on here for 4 years, but how old are you really? :confused:
  11. Huh. After reading through all this, it seems to me that YOU stood HER up, not being at the place where she went to meet with you. She tried to come to you, but you weren't there. Now your butt is hurt about her getting chapped that you aren't mature enough to be where you are supoosed to be to meet her.

    Well, that's how I see it.
  12. If she stood you up she would have said "come to X" and when YOU went to the designated location, she was not there and she made no further attempt to contact you. So far, half is true, but not the whole, you know, standing you up part..

    In fact, its the opposite. She (albeit proxy through her friend) were waiting for you. Plus, it was more than just you and her, it wasn't a date: her friend was there.

    And to fb date her friend? Low blow dude. Now to her, you didn't show up, and now you publicly show interest in her friend. So this whole time, you could have very well been using her to get to said friend. So, why SHOULD she respond?
  13. have fun with that dry pecker
  14. Dude, you did everything fine. Feel free to give her another shot, but you gotta be a boss and make that girl work for it. She done fucked up. You now have the upper hand.
  15. Oh my fault I forgot I was on the Internet where everyone has a superiority complex.

    Marrying some cute girl on Facebook is immature? Alright then.

    Anyway. Nah I'm not even stressin over it. To be honest I dun even care anymore.

    But then again I am hellabaked right now so that might be helping a bit lol.
  16. Well, it kinda is. It's not serious, we know that, but if your response to "her standing you up" is you starting something with her friend? Even as a joke, its not the best solution if you want to go for her. Stoned you might not, but sober you might have wanted a second chance.
  17. But dude it's Facebook official.. lol.
  18. hard girls over think everything she may have been confused or a bit bummed that you wern't where she thought she was meeting you, and you still could of had a pretty good chance but now that you married her friend on facebook as a joke shes probably going to overreact and jump to conclusions and think you just used her.
  19. what the fuck are you talking about marrying her friend on facebook..........

    and if you didnt call her instead of texting its your fault. i admit i text a lot, but when theres something you want to be sure of with no miscommunication then a call is better than a text. sometimes texts dont go through and it ruins everything (like in your head youll jump to conclusions and shit, i do that.)
  20. Most of my relationships don't end up on facebook. Most of my relationships also don't last long at all. Coincidence?

    But I did engage my best friend (girl) once, for longer than any relationship lasted. Everyone thought we finally got together, since it was up for a long time

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