girl socked me in the face three times

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smoke blunts, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Shit man, I woulda at least shoved a bitch, I done it before and I'll do it again. Nothin wrong with shovin a bitch as hard as possible.
  2. haha did you think about the one leg takedown though? ;)
  3. moral of the story children: becky is a cunt
  4. That's a time when I have no problem goin' Ike Turner on a bitch. To be honest, I never have a problem hitting a girl when provoked, equal rights and such. "If you talk shit, you get shitted on. You throw a punch, you get punched till you shit" That's a quote my boy used when he floored a girl at a house party, and I live by it to this day. My whole group of friends are wolf gang soldiers, so we don't give a shit about very much.
  5. so yeah, where's jane now?
  6. Honestly OP, I probably would have stood up and punched her with all of my drunken might after the second time she punched me. That bitch has no respect for your personal boundaries and aggressively violated them at that. I don't really care if she's a woman- hoe always know it's a hoe, but sometimes they need to be put in their fucking place. Keep the pimp hand strong, ya dig?

    I don't know what I just typed. But seriously, would have been hard to keep from punching her in the face after the second time.
  7. Man fuck Jane he's got a sexy room mate.
  8. if a girl wants to play with the big boys treat her like one i hate people who let girls beat on them just because they think "ohh i shouldnt hit a girl just because she has a pussy" a girl can hurt you just as bad & in some cases worse then a guy if i were you i would have hit her one good time and i willing to bet my life she wouldnt have attempted to hit me again
  9. If I had a gram for each time a whore punched me in the eye.....

  10. ......

  11. Haha holy shit, its funny cause they had to kick her out.
    Why is she a normal part of these parties if shes a bitch?
  12. good shit OP, sounds like you handled it like a G.

    Lol at all the people saying they would have punched her back, seriously? While i understand the whole "if she can hit me i can hit her thing" its never a good look to hit a girl, especially in a social situation like a party. I guarantee you 9 times out of 10 even if you were completely justified, no one will take your side and you will look like a raging, women-beating, asshole.

    Picture how the scene would look to a third party, the OP standing over the girls lifeless body with his fists clenched as he drunkenly slurs "I tollld you not to fucckkk wit me" LOL
  13. I get your point, but this party sounds like OP knew all of the guests and all of the guests certainly knew this chick was a bitch... With that in mind, it would look bad, but she doesn't know her place, and someone's gotta put her in it. Whether it's taking the high road like OP did or giving her a reality check, it's gotta happen. People can't just walk around punching people willy nilly because they're insecure hotheads. These kind of people piss me off thinking about them.
  14. what about jayne? did you get with her?
  15. Sounds like you are not familiar with the bob and weave homie?

  16. Does that apply when drunk?haha
  17. i hate rebecca
  18. I work with a Becky!! Shes much older (50s) and is sorta a bitch but is mostly joking with everyone unless you actually do something to piss her off
  19. I never hit women, but that bitch needs to be taught a lesson. It's women like her that turn decent men into wife beaters, but who can blame them?
  20. lol you handled that one well i love trolling people in real life with comments like that it tickles me pink
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