girl socked me in the face three times

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smoke blunts, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. what's up gc

    i need to start by saying that i'm well known by my friends to get along very well with everyone. i'm a normal dude so i don't take stupid shit but i'm pretty laid back and try to take the high road. my friend's birthday was saturday so she threw an early halloween party at her place. i was actually pretty happy about it since it was the first party i've been to where everyone is legal (i have a few younger friends that are within months of turning 21). one girl Rebecca in particular is a total bitch, and i've met her before at a party in the same exact place. like, total bitch.. to everybody she doesn't know. so i'm not too worried about it, i actually knew her man from a long time ago so we got along, so i just avoided her and kept partying.

    she started going super bitch mode during pong when one of her friends Jane (yeah, i lol'ed inside) starting flirting with me and wanted me on her team. so i'm having a good time with Jane when Rebecca (she goes by Becky, but i started calling her Rebecca cause she officially got personal) comes up to us when we're smoking out on the deck. i forget what the conversation was, but she eventually asked me "what the fuck is your problem?"

    so since i'm always very blunt (and frankly, after two straight parties of her same attitude when i offered to smoke her up both times, kinda annoyed), i just told her "i kinda think you're a bitch" and she punched me right in my eye. i wasn't even looking at her so i didn't see it coming but it seemed isolated. i responded with "you asked me a question, so i answered it" and she hit me again, another i didn't see coming. i was pretty zooted so i didn't really feel either hit, and for some reason the words "you're a little sexy but you hit like a girl" came out of my mouth. so she hit me a third time, all in the same spot. her friends pulled her off me and started yelling at her to chill out, and she ended up leaving.

    i apologized to the host for the drama, and she told me not to worry about it because Rebecca's always a bitch. a few other people agreed, so i didn't feel so bad. and my eye felt fine, albeit a little sore the next morning. i told my mom and she told me i should have hit her back, ha.

    felt like sharing that one with you guys. feel free to share anything half related. out to smoke a vape with my sexy roommate
  2. My ex girlfriend threw a stone at my friends nuts so he hit her so hard in a pressure point in her leg that she couldn't walk on it. I lol'd at her too cuz she deserved it. Just goes to prove that people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks :smoke:
  3. props to you for keeping your emotions in check. i would've struggled from dropping her dumbass but you def did the right thing.
  4. Rebecca is a bigger buzz kill than Buzz Killington.
  5. well she did it as soon as you called her a bitch, so at least she's a real bitch

    coulda popped her back idk how you feel about that though?

    round here they say you talk/act like a man you can get hit like one too

    im iffy about it, idk till it happens:smoke:
  6. I don't know, I think he handled it as well as he could of. Not punching back is more than likely what kept his peers in his support. I probably would have thrown in another jibe like "oh yes, violence solves anything to the insecure" but whatever, props to you man
  7. When in doubt, shake a bitch
  8. That's when you push her on the ground and say "WHAT BITCH!?"

  9. hold her down and slip a finger into her ass.
    somehow i feel that would be an appropriate response.
  10. "betcha didn't think you were gonna get raped eh!?"
  11. I would never hit a girl. If she was hitting me the worst I would do is grab her hands so she can't swing. But you did the right thing by not really reacting
  12. did you get with Jane?
  13. Shiit, he didn't do anything to provoke the bitch, and she asked him a question (not so kindly I might add), to which he replied with truth and what he thought.

    I would've told her she's a bitch just because of how she asked the goddamn question, but that's because I speak my mind even if not asked; but anyway. I was raised solely by my mom; I disagree with hitting any kind of woman, daughter, mother, wife whatever; but if some BITCH (which I might add, this chick was not a woman) pops off like that, I wouldn't be able to help myself but knock her ass out, especially by the 3rd hit I wouldn't went buck fucking crazy on her ass and been off my rocker.

    Not only because of her personality, which would've agitated me first, but the fact that she did that not only show her lack of respect for you, but for her "host"; which albeit would've earned at least a nice bitch slap from yours truly. Now on another note, ANYONE who causes harm to me, or someone I'm close to has it in for them. I think physical violence is unnecessary, and quite childish; but unleash that on me out of the blue like that I'll go fucking ape shit on your ass; to me personally if you have enough anger to harm me as a human being, you better have enough to kill me because I'll come back just as fucking hard if not 3x harder; you don't disregard respect, people's lives and souls, and personalities like that. I've NEVER initiated a fight, as I said I don't really advocate in any violence, but some disrespectful bitch like that IDK how I could control myself.

    Just smoking out back with your homegirl? Pfff fuck that, you were the least deserved of a punch IMHO, and if you did deserve it she should've hit you up with that question, and that punch earlier instead of when you were enjoying some quiet time and a nice bowl with a fellow chickadee.

    Just the fact that she interrupted your smoke sesh, and that violent at that, she will have some bad bad stoner karma coming her way for sure.

  14. Yeah, what happened to Jane? I feel like you just gave me a vague trailer for the most anticipated movie of the year.

  15. Why didn't you go chris brown on her ass. Hope if you get back at her it goes well.
  16. I probably wouldn't have said any of those remarks after the first punch, but I would've tried to catch the second or third punch and put her in an arm lock. Then you have the floor and can tell her that this kind of shit is exactly why you are justified in calling her a bitch.
  17. i was actually considering doing that. i took muay thai and jiu jitsu so my initial reaction was to counter but i didn't find it worth it. i'm sure it would've hurt a little if i wasn't drinking and smoking but she really did hit like a girl. i think i should've just palmed her face to hold her off so that she couldn't advance close enough to strike

    and i did not get with Jane. she has a boyfriend who wasn't there and i respect that, but i did pull her number for some future smokage. can never smoke with enough good looking women
  18. Idgaf if anyone punches me there getting punched back
  19. Now you have proved to everyone she is a bitch. Fuck her sorry about what happened OP
  20. i woulda straight slapped her across the face...not a punch, just a good old slap..for real though..she sounded like the deserved that shit homie..she's just a bitch! i got mad respect for girls but there's a point when they cross the line sometimes and they think they can just hit a man and not get a response you feel me? seen it happen too many times
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