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girl smokers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazingbrain, May 26, 2010.

  1. do you guys find you smoke with many girls, or are many of you guys girls? cause i'm the only girl out of my regular smoking circle, i don't know that many that even smoke bud casually.
  2. You can find plenty of girl stoners here
  3. Damn almost all the girls i know smoke bud accept most are dumb as shit about it accept for a few (i mean dumb as shit about it because they dont know prices,sizes, or even shit you can smoke out of) i smoke about everyday and i have girls in my smoking group a few days outta the week most of the time all the stoner chicks i know just go to the mall and bum bags off people because they're hot enough too lol
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    haha funny you'd ask.

    All i do is smoke with girls, me being a guy of course, i think i enjoy it jus alittle bit more than smoking with dudes, cause they either nig lip it or they talk about their girl problems, or always askin me for my lighter lol etc. its rediculous, girls are alot more calmer, mellow, u can almost feel the vibes w/o saying anything, there not sketchy wit the weed.... Cmon guys theres nothing better than having 2 or 3 girls in your car on a blunt ride..... And flirting with them....:ey:
  5. unless your anti-social it shouldn't be a problem..i don't really know what your situation is but just socialize with some girls..hang out and see where that goes.

    if your at college just go to a smoking section.
    if your still in high school..go to where all the kids smoke..join a circle and throw some down.

    where im at there are alot of girl tokers..who only toke with girls..i can understand tho cause guys are kinda goofy when they smoke and so are girls but girls are more self conscious on being goofy around im not making a lot of sense.
  6. Ohh I don't see it as a problem! I really don't mind, I love my little smoking group, other girls find it weird that I spend so much time on my own with a group of guys but I find that kinda immature.

    I do find it funny how whenever a new guy joins for a session or if I go pick up with my boyfriend they're always surprised at how I roll for myself and actually have a clue.
  7. Everyone smokes around where I live. I mean like everyone in my high school. The girls smoke, but its not as widely known. They talk about it less, aren't as interested in it, but always down to blaze. the boys are always like new bong, new bub, i just picked up and OZ. the girls just do it sneakily.
  8. In my opinion having a girl thats a smoke buddy is a must. My friend Kristy smokes me out for free and feeds me litterally everytime i go over to her place which is about 2-3 times a week, theyre so much easier to talk to when high, guys just kinda zone out and we do our own thing, girls are into the group and make sure everyones taken care of, so generous with their stuff, and just all around interested and caring about whats going on. I prefer personal sessions but when i do go social smokes its always nice to have a lady on hand that knows whats up, shit just seems to go smoother, always.
  9. My girlfriend and smoke every day, shes a girl....shit...yeah she is.

  10. That's because a lot of girls just expect horny guys to provide everything for them. Those kinds of chick and the guys that hang around them are their own reward. You don't want those people in your circle of friends.
  11. yeah you're right, i don't want people thinking i'm one of those girls either, it's why i always buy my own stuff and roll it up
  12. Yea i love smoking with my 2 friends mary and jane
  13. My girlfriend smokes with me and I have smoked with other girls many many times. I'm sure if you branch out a little you will find a lot of other girls who smoke as well. It's almost always more fun to smoked in a mixed group as opposed to a sausage fest.
  14. Im a girl :wave: And I have three other friends that smoke that are girls.

  15. Buddy it's 'except' not 'accept'. I'm glad you are learning something today!
  16. I've smoked with a lot of girls, but only some of them have wanted to keep smoking with me quite regularly.. It's mostly just me and my guy friends though..
  17. your friends that are guys sound lame as shit. find some better ones
  18. Its fun smoking with girls, we usually end up getting horny as rabbits, and doing the dirty.
    good times :bongin:
  19. ive smoked with girls but usually girls are pretty retarded about bud (not inhaling, acting like their drunk, etc.). so i prefer smoking with guys overall (im a guy) although id love to find a girl thats actually a legit stoner instead of a typical attention whore.
  20. lol at first i read your response like ''thx dr phil'' but then i read my post and i was like :laughing:
    I did make it seem that way :D...sooooooooooooooooooooo....-rep fuck u......Dr.Phil

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