Girl Scout Coookies and pets

Discussion in 'Pets' started by kevintech, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. so i bought some girl scout cookies and put them on my desk.. didnt think id eat them anytime soon..i smoked a bowl and next thing i know i'm half done with the box!!!!

    anyone else using girl scout cookies or anything sugary to satisfy munchies?? lol

    holy shit now my dog just snuck up on me, paranoias a b*tch! lol

  2. Does natural sugar count?


    Frozen grapes.

    No. Seriously.
  3. sweeet happy tokin'! :smoking:

    Girl scout cookies are the shit when you're high. I love Samoas (AKA Caramel delights in some regions) and some other caramel cookie that's new I think.

    welcome to the city BTW. I've only been here several months. :wave:
  4. I've got a box of Tagalongs next to me, and a sleeve of Thin Mints in the freezer.
  5. I always end up eating the entire box (or 2 :yummy:) of those damn caramel delights as soon I get them or shortly thereafter. They sit there mocking me and I must silence them. Oh the caramelly goodness!
  6. Ahhhh caramel delights. I missed the girl scouts this year :[
    Like wtf they need to be biannual.
  7. anybody else noticing how much smaller the packages of girl scout cookies are and how much more expensive they are? Me, myself, I like a king size pack of Reeses peanut butter cups...YUM!
  8. mints are all i need
  9. I second the thin mints. I have a box in the mini freezer in my room. Nothing better than a bong rip and a frozen thin mint.

  10. I've noticed that a lot with food. Smaller packaging, higher prices. You just don't get as many groceries as you used to. I love milk chocolate anything. Ice cream is my weakness though.
  11. I always thought that, the whole girl scout cookie thing is just a ploy to take money from stoner's because think of the logic involved.

    It's like a delivery service that you don't order and yet will still pay for the food, because let's face it, if you have the munchies and some random person calls to your door with cookies, your not going to not buy them.

    Damn that's smart business.

  12. doubt! I remember when boxes of ceral were you spend 5 bucks on a box thats half the size and when ya open it, it's only half're lucky to get 3 bowls of cereal out of it! And if ya eat cereal like my husband does in a "Jethro bowl" it's only one bowl! lol
  13. I just ate a whole box of those the other night

  14. :laughing: True enough!
  15. thats why you buy off brand, same thing, just more of it and cheaper.

  16. Heck yeah! Aldi's substitute for Reese's peanut butter puffs
  17. Whoa where do you buy off-brand girl scout cookies? I killed that box of Samoas (Caramel Delights) and I really really want more lol
  18. i vote on the pb cookie myself....

  19. hell yea reeses are the best! better than any cookie. besides, FUCK the girl scouts fuckin homophobes
  20. i didnt buy any girl scout cookies this year because id end up buying like 20 boxes. but they are delicious though, very very delcious.

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