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Girl scout cookies

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by orange24, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Whatchya all think about this strain? Effects? Who uses it medically and for what?
  2. it's my fav strain!!! It is generally a hybrid. I like to get the sativa dominant hybrid. if you can get it as a sativa from a trusted source, then damn!! Super sweet flavor and the cleanest head rush of all the strains. And it usually grows dank buds, even the sativas do.
    Here is a pic of some good GSC bud.:
  3. Gonna have to try it. Just don't like strains that make me dumber if that makes sense. Nighttime indicas for sleep are great tho
  4. DEF recommend. made qwiso and digested/vaped a bit for a good week and it was the best daytime strain i've come across. i need something for focused energy and productivity, and it did that, plus had me giggling for no reason (rare for me) at one point bc of too much, but also had a good body buzz going. so, it had strong effects on me, but digesting/vaping for depression, anxiety, fatigue, and bipolar worked very well. also use cannabis for a gastrointestinal disorder and it did okay.  

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