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  1. What's up blades Im new to growing I just planted this seedling 2 weeks ago . It's been 1 week since it sprouted I just wanted to know how I was doing . This is a closet grow I have it under an 100 led light bulb. soil is: potting soil mix from home depot

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  2. Some funny colouring there. Wonder if the potting mix u used has too much fertilizer in it for seedlings?

    Good luck with the GSC. My strain of choice now!
  3. Get it out of that potting soil and into a cannabis mix.

    She hates it

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  4. I was thinking about changing the soil to fox farms or what do you recommend
  5. Foxfarm will work perfectly. And remember to give her some time before feeding.
  6. Yes a much better decision than potting mix for sure.

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  7. Should I mix half and half or straight fox farm soil and what type of lighting should I use
  8. Lighting is up to you and your space. For the soil you can do just fox farm for now to get the gist of growing. If cfl lighting keep close to tops like inches away and adjust accordingly. Or hid lighting but they throw heat if you can vent it then no problems. Led units are a bit expensive for starters but run cooler and produce . hid and led fixtures need to be farther away from plants then cfl or they will burn/bleach your girl. I dont think the single led bulbs are too efficient .

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