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  1. My plant now is 59 days old and 27 days into flower I would like to think my plant will get bigger but it is 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall the pistils started coming in last week I know this Girl scout plant takes 9-10 weeks for flowering alone but am curious to know the outcome before hand the lights I am using are two 26 watt Equivalent to 100 watt cfls and a 14 watt cfl all 2700k's 
    \nLights are on 12/12 have been since January 9th, Have used nutes such as grow big in veg for a week or so and then big bloom and tiger bloom at the same time pretty much daily at about 5 ounces each
    \n\nWhy do all my leaves only have 3 prongs while the ones next to the pistils have 5?
    \nHow much bud should I expect? 1 gram?
    \nWhen will the buds start forming?
    \nHow are my lights?
    \nShould I trim off some leaves?


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  2. Sorry bro but she's not going anywhere without A LOT more lumens. Light, light, light.
  3. The plan needs more light. You are barely lighting her up. Plus you have the wrong spectrum for veg. I recommend you purchase some grow bibles and read them. You have a lot to learn.

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