Girl scout cookies auto or photo?

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  1. Hi I'm thinking about gsc for my next go and I'm a little tempted by just going for fems. I understand that they'll take longer.
    Has anyone grown either or even both to be able to give me pros and cons?
    If you've grown the auto how was the grow and what was the quality like of the finished product. I've read somewhere that gsc auto is 22% THC.
  2. Never grown autos. They can’t be as strong as a photo with two THC laden parents. I would grow the fem version of the photo strain.
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  3. It's definitely a contender right now. People keep saying that autos arntar what they used to be and you've got some strong ones out there by the looks of things but imI not sure how potent itnisnin comparison.
    The upside is fast bud.
  4. Try it and see for yourself, I don't use auto's but they are really popular.
  5. Set up a seperate veg area and you can get buds just as fast with photos
  6. Don't have that kind of space I'm afraid otherwise I would for sure
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  7. The pros and cons of autoflowers are smaller yield and less potency, but smaller plants and no worries about light cycle. I think one of the cons of autos is also a pro: they have smaller yields, sure, but they are smaller, more compact plants, which may be better if you are growing in limited space.

    I see lower potency as possibly not that big a deal, as long as it isn't extreme. If it takes me three hits to catch a buzz instead of two, that's not gonna bother me, as long as the affect of the herb is what I expect from that strain. In other words, if I end up with some Headband that's weak but still gives me a Headband high, I'm fine with that. 'Course, that's just me, and I just grow for personal use.

    Personally, I favor photoperiod plants because I like being able to control the veg period, allowing me to play around with training -- which generally doesn't work so well with autos.

    I would think autos would most appeal to you if you want plants you don't have to think a lot about, and/or you're pinched for space. There may be other considerations for outdoor grows, but I don't know what they are since I don't grow outdoors.
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  8. Maybe I'll run autos first then try photos.
    I'm thinking about maybe doing a girl scout cookies auto and gorilla glue #4 autp
  9. Absolutely not true I run autos and my shit bang
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  10. What autos do you grow?
  11. Imagine if you grew the photo version!!
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