Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by NorcalNinja, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Mendo seal of approval
  2. Hmmmm probably not
  3. No cookies for you?
  4. Wheres the pics. gsc is what everyone is calling their weed right now. A good pic is easy proof
  5. My god, you learned how to grow Thin Mints?
  6. Only if you show me first
  7. No pics it's the real.
  8. Well wtf man how am I going to get them if you wont show me?!
  9. I'm so confused, and all I really want is a picture of this awesome Thin Mints plant. And maybe some seeds so I can grow them myself and tell those money grubbing Girl Scouts to go fuck themselves.
  10. People either have the thin mints or they are haters. It's cool, people just keep talking about it.
  11. Well not sharing helps about 1 million people .

    "Girl scout thin mints, are amazing guys like wow"

    "Show us since you already made a thread :)"

    "no yall hating because I got girl scout cookies"

  12. Just wanted to see what ppl thought is all.
  13. Well its probably the bees knees

    I don't know though

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