Girl Scout Cookie looking sad! :( pH good; multi-deficiency?

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  1. So for probably about, a week now? My girl scout cookie looked to be experiencing nitrogen toxicity... clawing tips, dark green leaves, especially older growth was looking really dark and waxy/shiny. However, she IS sucking a lot of lower leaves down to yellow, then brown and crispy (lots more than the white widow) like she is hungry...

    Now I am noticing a lot of kind of twisting of the new growth? And some of the leaf lobes look reeeally skinny and long. She always looked a little more sativa in pheno than the WW, but this is definitely dramatically skinnier leaves again in some spots. Maybe I've got compound issues?

    -1 White Widow, and 1 Girl Scout Cookies, both 75 days from seed. Sprouted in small peat cups, then solo cups, then to roughly 8 gallon fabric pots by day 24

    -Soil is a mix of 50L Canna Professional, roughly 25L Canna Professional Plus Coir, 25L supersoil compost mix from local grow distributor here in aus, and about 20L of additional perlite, let cook for a little over 8 weeks

    -I did treat my mix with some extra dolomite lime to to raise the pH as it was around 6.0 initially, I raised to about 6.6-6.7 and my tap water is just about neutral, so its at about 6.8 as of today

    -water here tests extremely low for chlorine, but I still leave my water container out and open for over 24 hours before using to water

    -I have foliar fed some trace elements (pictured below) at 1/4 strength to try and combat the beginnings (i believe) of Fe deficiency, and possibly a little Zinc. Has been about 1 or 1.5 litres of enhanced water over the past maybe 2 days. My White Widow bounced back and is looking greener after this, but my GSC is still sad! And looks to have other problems

    -Cabinet dimensions: 1.8m tall, 1.1m wide, .5m deep. Mylar wrapped inside, 6" 350 cfm exhaust fan with a large carbon filter robbing probly, 20% maybe? Not exactly sure what kind of losses to expect from them. 4" intake on back of cab

    -2 small usb fans mounted either side to create some additional airflow and swirling down low

    -ViparSpectra PAR450 dimmable, about
    800mm above the canopy, Dimmers set: R=60% W=100% B=100%

    -Temps have been consistently 17-19 Celsius at night, and 23-25 with lights on

    -RH is staying between 50-55%

    -No other added nutes, although I do have some Canna Bio Vega & Flores just in case I run into drastic problems with my first grow. Trying to grow full organic and feed the soil, but I'm definitely new to this so I'm assuming it won't go perfect! [​IMG]

    20190630_104943.jpg 20190630_104949.jpg 20190630_104953.jpg 20190630_104958.jpg 20190630_105006.jpg
  2. Here is my white widow for comparison, and a pic of them side by side in the cabinet (getting a little cramped!)

    20190630_105033.jpg 20190630_105044.jpg

    And here are the trace elements I fed to combat Fe deficiency

    20190630_115219.jpg 20190630_115224.jpg
  3. If the fan in your pic is blowing on the plants, turn it away from the plants. Constant wind is really bad, they get windburn very easily. It also increases transpiration which amplifies overfeeding symptoms.

    Something I use for sick plants is Brassinolide, it's a natural plant hormone that plants release when they are stressed. You have to mix it and spray it on fresh, it doesn't keep.
    I have done A-B tests and the stuff works
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  4. The twisty growth and waxy shiny leaves is just characteristics of gsc I believe. They sometimes grow crinkly looking leaves too. Both my gsc plants grow like this 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. Only ones of the 13 different plants that are growing this way. How are they doing now?

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  5. Interesting! Thanks for the reply, that's helpful to know! After doing some more research, I came to the conclusion that the addition of liquid dolomite lime regularly earlier on, was too hot for my microbe colony supporting my soil! I had killed off too many of the beneficial microorganisms that work to break down the dry amendments in my soil, and my plants were starving and unhappy because of it. I watered them with dechlorinated water mixed with some of the worm leachate from the bottom collector of my worm farm (not as ideal as a microbe pack, or an aerated compost tea, but still a good source of the kinds of microbes you want in your soil, as long as it hasn't sat stagnant long enough for anaerobic microorganisms to take over). Within 24 hours, she had perked up and was looking massively better! I have added some worm leachate to my waterings a few times since then to boost microbe activity, and they are thriving! I just need to get a system in place to be able to brew some aerated compost tea, and I should be able to reliably boost my microbe population in specific ways to combat specific deficiencies. But for now, back to happy plants! And no more chelated nutes! Salts are bad for the microbes! :'(

    20190715_170904.jpg 20190715_170907.jpg 20190715_170919.jpg 20190715_170931.jpg
  6. That's how I find out I had mislabeled 2 of my plants during a transplant. I searched gsc pics and found the similarities in the leaf. Wonder if gsc is just more sensitive to fertz or lack of..

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  7. It's getting kinda big.. IMG_20190715_074620.jpg

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  8. That's awesome!! How old is she?? I've been wondering if she'll shoot up taller than the white widow, cuz from the start she's looked more sativa in pheno. My light has dimmers for red white and blue spectrums separately, so i've kept the white and blue cranked to 100% but red dimmed to about 60% to encourage shorter bushy growth. I've been slowly increasing the red dimmer over the last week though as I finally have a bigger space to house them and I can't wait to see what happens in the next couple weeks!
  9. GSC is supposedly a light feeder. not 100% sure though.. never grown her out myself..
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  10. I got my clones at the end of May sometime so I'd say about 7 weeks under my care. They are all from purple city Genetics out of Oakland CA. Got indoor- (5x5 space with 2x cob led panels with 5x cob led each pulling 265 Watts each actual from the wall and 2x full spectrum triple chip epistar led panels that are 250 Watts each and one grow ufo bloom that is 90 Watts for a total of 1120 watts.) 1 gsc, 1 cement shoes, 1 watermelon zkittlez, 1 east bay og Kush. Outdoor in the hoop house 1 cement shoes, 1 gsc, 4 east bay og Kush, 1 watermelon zkittlez. 2x unknown sativa gift Plants from a friend. 2x cherry tomatoes.

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