Girl Scout Cookie Journal

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  1. Hey folks, Just finishing the first crop of Auto Berry Ryders at the new Location in the Mid-Dubbie, and about to put my Positronic Seeds Grapefruit, LST'd ladies under the light in their place. So, now is a good time to break out the 12 Girl Scout Cookie seeds I had sent to me from a seed breeder outta Nor-Cal. I spend alot of time in the Bay Area and did a tour of over 200 MJ Clubs, and both in the streets and in the clubs, if you want Grade A medicine, you look for the "Cookies".  You can guess the excitement when i put them into the Germ Hut and  7 outta 12 seeds survived (about 2 weeks ago). So far 2 of them look significantly bigger than the other ones, one of wich will be selected for my mother fo rthe second wave of GSC's this fall, and thats where I will start this strains journal. With a pic of the 2 best of the GSC's. I'll post pics weekly. Thanks for viewing!

  2. GSC is an awesome strain. A must have for every grower. I just started a feminized seed and my son will be starting one that I breed. I also started 8 others strains, each one is top grade and many have won a cannabis cup. I'm going to be starting a journal with the next few days.

    The plants are looking good so far. Are you going to be doing any training? Supercropping, cropping, LST? I recommend cropping once you have the 4 set of leaves. I fim them to creat more tops. You can turn one into four if done correctly. Are these fem seeds? If not don't be surprised if the largest seedling turn out male. What are you using for lighting? I'll be following you progress and wish you luck. Feel free to ask questions.

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