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Girl Says "No More Sex"

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by EastCoastToke, May 13, 2010.

  1. The fact that she had asked him not to talk about their sex life to his friends because she wants her sex life to be private only makes this situation look WORSE on her, not better. The OP didn't state that she just asked him not to talk about it with his friends, he stated that she wanted her sex life to be PRIVATE.

    The OP was okay with this until she broke that request.

    There's no fight to be had between the OP and his girl. This girl is obviously very immature and not ready for a relationship and it's going to fail down the line, anyway, unless she figures out that relationships are an equal effort between two people. He just needs to break it off with her and move on to a girl who's respectful and mature.

    Not some bitch trying to use her cunt as leverage.

    Adults SHOULD talk about their issues with each other if they have them. This is not something that's being argued.

    HOWEVER, this girl is an immature brat that has a lot to learn before she can be approached as an adult.

    End of story.

  2. I'm NOT DISAGREEING. But I'm trying to give the OP advice for what he should do in this situation to handle it like a mature, responsible adult in an adult relationship.

    If he wants to break it off with her over this, fine. Or he could not be a pussy and talk to her about it if he cares about the girl. Honestly, many women see this situation differently than men because of the difference between how men and women think. The conversations that I have with my friends about our sex lives aren't talking about conquests and bragging, they are simply just having a conversation -- as I previously stated, maybe she's embarrassed and doesn't want his friends to picture them fucking.

    Regardless, her feelings ARE legitimate, just as his are in this situation. If you can't or are unwilling to address the issues in the relationship, then that's it. That makes you a failure at interpersonal communication. I'm not saying that what she did isn't immature, just what he should do to rectify the situation if that's what he's interested in doing.

    While yes, there are plenty of mature women out there, I'm sure you'll find that many of them will play games when it comes to withholding sex simply because it gives them the upper hand. I've never been like this, but that's just how some women are. ONLY through discussing it within a relationship and talking about how that isn't appropriate can that issue be resolved.

    So sure, dump the chick and move on maybe that's what he needs to do, but honestly the inability or unwillingness to even hear why she feels this way, would make him just as immature as her. :confused_2:

    Enough said on this topic, OP do whatever you want, lol
  3. Good discussion but this story was over as soon as she said "no more sex". The rest doesn't really matter anymore.
  4. Like I said, it's no longer adult when the "no sex" card is pulled. I've dealt with enough from immature girls to know when it's over or at least inevitable. And I've done immature shit in my younger days that I still see other kids doing today. I'm not claiming innocence.

    If she's embarrassed and doesn't want his friends to picture them fucking, then what makes it any better that she's doing the same thing? Talking about him to her girl friends is just making girls picture them fucking.

    And I know girls think that shit about their friends' boyfriends. I've had to hear about it.

    The only sensible way of rectifying this, to me, is dumping her immediately so that she learns that her twat isn't a bargaining chip. Maybe her feelings are legitimate. But she still has to learn.

    I've never been withheld sex for any reason. I've dated some dumb, immature girls and even they weren't immature enough to withhold sex. No honestly mature woman will play games with withholding sex.

    What's immature about ending a relationship with someone who is obviously not ready for one? Even my feminazi girlfriend thinks the OP should dump this child and move on.

    Of course, but make the right decision.
  5. I went over and we had sex.

    Nuff said.
  6. I'm glad you cleared that nasty problem up, brother.
  7. She is half black, sometimes that side of her comes out real quick when its time to keep it real. She holds shit down. (This is not to be taken the wrong way or as a racist comment,)
  8. Girl says "No more sex"

    Guy says "No more free will"

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