Girl Says "No More Sex"

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  1. She's frontin'... she texted me this morning saying no more and shit cause what we do is private and should stay between us, and I told people some shit.

    She said this shit back when we started talking before we dated, we played the question game.. yes I know shits played out but I did that. She said she prefers it to be private and doesnt like talking.

    For the first 10 months of the relationship shed always tell her friends how great in bed I am and shit, but when I start telling my friends shit she gets pissed.. and says no more sex.

    Fuck, girls, how do you feel about a guy telling guys your sex life.. is it different from girls telling girls. I took the stand and am NOT apologizing for this shit. I feel she is completely pulling a double standard all over my face.

    Is it different for a girl to tell sex stories to her girl friends than it is for a guy to tell sex stories to his best friends.
  2. i don't know, i told my homie my girl gave me head right after she got her tonsils removed. i was surprised as fuck she did that, i didn't even ask or anything... not the slightest suggestion.

    she doesn't talk to me anymore though because after she took some pictures for me, she was being a complete bitch and i was just like you weren't saying shit while you modeling or something stupid like that and she blew a gasket. by blew a gasket i mean gasoline, combustion, flames, inferno the works. i didn't think it was that revealing :\
  3. oh man i wish i had problems like this....

    i really dont think its different at all. its definitley a double standard.

    ..but i have no idea what you should do.
  4. Wow. I guess the first thing I have to say is you have a lot to learn about women. Whatever you want to call it(double-standard, PMS, lame excuse, personal preference, 3rd night after a full moon), expect more of this when dealing with the always mysterious and unexpected thoughts of the female mind.

    It's fascinating and yet frustrating at the same time.

    And to be totally honest, women don't want YOU talking about them because of yet another double-standard that is even more blatant in our society.

    She talks about you, you're still viewed as a regular guy, maybe even a really nice guy, to those she talked to.

    You start talking about her, and she's suddenly a dirty whore that all your buddies want to get with, regardless of how you tell the story.

    The reality of our society today.
  5. Lol. No it's not. And you should assert that. Shit she was the one that mentioned to keep it private and she's the first one to break it. Fuck that shit homie. Let her know what the deal.
    If it was me in your position I would just laugh it up nd not take it serious.
  6. tell your bitch ass friends to stop flapping their gums.

  7. Fuck that shit females gossip and talk about and go in depth with every little stupid detail about everything and blow it up out o proportion to the grandest shit in the world. they are fucking crazy bro.

    And still in the end they are all dirty little whores regardless of what you say and the reason why some may say not to talk about them wit your buds (lol) is because women know they all are fuckin freaks in the bed and they all LOVE the cock. Shit, straight up they love cock more then we love pussy.
    And btw you are never viewed as just an average guy. At least Im not and I don't view myself as just another average guy.

    And Ima end it with a last note: FUCK THAT
  8. Uh, what you are not understanding here is the mysterious way that the female mind works. In her mind, she hasn't "broken" anything by talking with HER friends.

    Yeah, I know, it is fucked up. Go figure. I'm almost 40 years old, and I still don't understand them or their "logic" at times...
  9. Tell her to stop being a child. She talked about you to her friends, and you're doing the same thing.

    If she expects to ever be taken seriously by guys, she can't be pulling double standard bullshit. Don't let her think that she's doing YOU a favor by being with you. Tell her to get on your dick or get lost.

    There are plenty of mature, beautiful girls that won't flip shit and pull childish stunts that you can date and not have to deal with girls like yours.
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    Friends talk to each other, that's normal. That being said, some people are very private about their sex lives, and when you're in a relationship with someone who wants their privacy respected when it comes to sex, you should respect that wish.

    Have you asked her WHY she doesn't want you sharing the details of your sex life? Is she embarrassed? Is she worried that your friends will look at her and picture her naked getting plowed?

    In her defense, she did tell you BEFORE that she didn't want you sharing the details of your sex life, and you did so anyway. While it may be a double standard, that's something that you should discuss with her, and find out why she feels the way she does about it. Tell her that if she expects you to be quiet about your sex life you would like the same from her, but overall, if she has a really big issue with this, you should probably respect her wishes or at least have a discussion about it.

    PS, this:
    Listen to him if you don't care about your woman and want to get your ass dumped. That kind of attitude will never get you a decent woman.
  11. I'm sorry, but if a girl tells me she wants to be private about her sex life and then proceeds to yap about it to whomever she feels appropriate - there's going to be a problem.

    Too many guys bow down to double standards from women and it perpetuates this notion that they can get away with it because it's an accepted part of society.

    It's pretty silly for guys to buy into it when there are plenty of girls who don't pull bullshit like that.

    A decent woman won't ever give you double standards. Being dumped by a childish bitch is nothing to be concerned about.

  12. never thought of it like that, is that what women are worried about? i'd be flattered if people were in there heads picturing me naked while i'm telling a story, what a story that would be.

  13. Yea that too straight up
  14. And shit?
  15. ^This right here^ is probably true. More often than we know.

    However, what is true and what they want to be said and known in public by anyone else at any given time are two completely different things.

    This is what they want to be viewed as:

    "She's a really sweet, sensitive and caring woman who would do anything for me."

    Which again is probably true, but does NOT include the details that she took you balls-deep with oral and finished up with ATM, which would obviously go back to the double-standard in society between men and women.

    Call it whatever the fuck you want (unfair, double-standard, one-sided), but this is generally the reality of it.

  16. I'm not arguing that there isn't a double standard here. But he DOES need to think about WHY this would make her upset and have an adult conversation about how it's not fair for HER to discuss the details of their sex life with her friends and expect him not to do the same. If you read my post you'll see I actually said that.

    If you can't take the time to have a real conversation about her wishes and to discuss your issues and understand why it's an issue for BOTH people involved, you will NEVER have a successful relationship.

  17. Lmfao. That's kus their no logical. They think emotionally not logical.
    But bro I don't give a fuck if in "her mind" she hasn't broken anything. Shit she can argue to the best of her ability, she fuckd it up. But in the end iss whatever girls will talk no matter wat
  18. If she's immature enough to pull the "no more sex" card, what makes you think she's not too immature to have an adult conversation about why she has double standards?

    Respect begets respect, and a "no more sex" card from a double standard is disrespectful.

    Drop 'er and move on.
  19. Yo fuck a double standard and fuck the bullshit.

  20. :rolleyes:

    I do agree that the no sex card is very immature. HOWEVER, she had previously asked him not to talk to his friends about their sex life - did they have a conversation about how she should do the same? Did he even bother to ask why? Or just decide fuck that shit and talk to his friends about it?

    Double standard or not, if the OP is interested in continuing a relationship he must be willing to have a conversation about why she feels that way, and if nothing else through that conversation he can diffuse the situation and address the double standard. If he just comes out swinging with "This is a double standard blah blah blah" she's going to get defensive and it's going to turn into a fight.

    ALL relationships have their issues, and EVERY person has their quirks, if neither of them is even willing to discuss it, the relationship will fail. This goes for every issue in ANY relationship.

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