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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by rollin_stoned, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. rollin_stoned\'s girl problems:

    Ok I\'ve been into this chick for months and i find out the other day that shes been into me too.. but her best friend is in love with me (i dont like her like that) and the first girl JUST broke up with my really good friend. What the shit do I do? She doesnt want to piss off that girl whos into me and I dont want to piss off my friend.
  2. Keep it on the low...
  3. Hey RS...

    Change the size of the pic in the sig..

    here are the rules!

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  4. bud heads right, you need to just say, this is how i feel, and just go with it.


  5. That is 468x60 still to large..

    300x125 is the max!
  6. The total pixels is 28080.. maximum is 37500. No way to cut me slack? ITS FOR NORML!!
  7. if you\'re so worried about the max size, can\'t someone make it impossible to upload a really big sig?

  8. hey man.... if shes the right girl and you\'ve both got the same feelings an they feel sooooooooooo good, lol...

    not much is gonna happen from letting love prevail.... its so strong it turns your life upside down and takes it for an awsome rollacoaster ride...

  9. but i\'ll lose the fancy animation

  10. Man budhead...I thought you were going to delete the naked sensi post because it DIDN\'T have nudity!

  11. cuz if ya playing me........i dont wanna knowwww....


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